T-minus 3 weeks to departure

Published: August 12th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

In three weeks at this time I'll probably be somewhere over the Atlantic in an airplane headed towards Spain. Sitting at home with nothing to do is quite a strange feeling, considering I'm about to take the first steps to what will be one of the most intense, exciting, and difficult experiences of my life.

Everything is more or less set to go. Packing up my clothes, getting gifts, and hoping I set a decent plane ticket are more or less the only things left to do. I'm living like a bum right now, but I like it.

I guess it's time for me to go watch some How I Met Your Mother


31st August 2010

My favorite quote: "I'm living like a bum right now, but I like it." - Famous last words of Matt Small hahaha no, jk Matt. Anyways, you should go that show with Chris Chow, he can never stop talking about it. He also seems to think that I would like it, but idk anything about it.
31st August 2010

haha Jon, what show are you talking about?
2nd September 2010

I was going to send you an e-mail and then I remembered you made this travelblog. Guess you haven't posted anything recent, but I'll keep checking and get in touch with you soon.

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