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July 19th 2010
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My Flight SuitMy Flight SuitMy Flight Suit

It is so long, I'm just gonna have to pull the legs up like the thugs do.
At about 12:15 this afternoon I started my journey to do something I've dreamed about since childhood... I came to Space Camp. I headed off to Orlando to catch a direct flight to Huntsville, Alabama where I was greeted in baggage claim by an lovely older woman in a full NASA flight suit. All I could think of was... I SOOOOOO want one of those. We waited for a bit for another camper & then the two of us headed on a bus to the dorms at the University of Alabama at Huntsville. (The kiddo campers stay on-site at the space center, but we adults stay in the dorm.) I learned that the other camper, Tony, lives in Orlando and does astronomy outreach programs to schools. He is like an ambassador to the galaxy. Interesting fella. As we checked in at the dorms we received a packed of info, a nice little space camp t-shirt and..... wait for it.... OUR VERY OWN FLIGHT SUIT!! Mine is HUGE on me as they didn't have my size & I had to go one size up, but no worries. I'm gonna stuff that sucker full of water bottles and find somewhere to hang it
I got my wings!I got my wings!I got my wings!

watch your skies & be very afraid
at school. Also, can anyone guess what I'll be for halloween this year? :-) I learned that a group of campers were getting together to go for dinner at a German restaurant so, I decided to go along with. I know, shocking that I'm being outgoing and friendly, huh? I'm so much friendlier with strangers when I travel. Anyway, dinner was wonderful & the company was very interesting. There are teachers from all over the country here, with such different backgrounds. It is interesting to hear what their schools are like & I've realized that we have WAY MORE TECHNOLOGY that many of our teachers (myself included) realize when compared to others.

I'm now back at the dorm, reading a little before heading to sleep. We meet downstairs tomorrow morning at 7:30AM and won't return to the dorms until 8:30PM, so I want to get my rest.

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How COOL is this!!How COOL is this!!
How COOL is this!!

seriously, how cool is this. i feel like a little kid. I just feel so fortunate to be able to do this.

19th July 2010

Way to Go
Kim...this sounds so amazing! I am beyond jealous. I can't believe you got a space cool. Can't wait to read your next post. Shall we call you Lt. Kim now? Love ya, Beth
19th July 2010

How cool! Space Camp really exists? That is a really cool summer adventure! Have fun and keep up your posts :) Looking forward to hearing all about it! Give us a call when you come home.... would love for you to meet Kadyn. xoxo
19th July 2010

Let the fun begin, Kim! Who would guess that you get an astronaut's suit? I chuckled when you mentioned to guess what you would be for halloween! I will be thinking about you having this great adventure! xoxo MOM
19th July 2010

So Jelly
Kim, I am sooo jealous. I'm glad to hear that you are having a great time already, and (no pun intended) spreading your wings to strangers. i can't wait to read more about your adventures. Do they have the ZeroG thing there? I think you should take your space suit to a tailor when you get back, and you can wear it on the forst day of school ;o). Can't wait to hear more about your adventures. -Amanda
20th July 2010

Kim's Got Wings!!
The suit is waaaay cool! Can't wait to hear about tomorrow. :)

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