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July 15th 2010
Published: July 15th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

This will probably be my last entry in Mexico i´m sad.

I went on a double decker bus tour of Cuernavaca yesterday with some friends from my group, just in case there was anything about the city we missed lol, and i made such a fool of myself HAHA! but i´m the same when i do something touresty in the US... even DC for that matter haha! I was on the top of the bus, so of course I was waving at anyone looking at us, i took pictures of random people making out in parks or gardens that we passed by and I always yelled gracias when we started moving again LOL. we went to the garden of Porfirio Diaz, and i made a video of me crossing this suspect looking bridge, so sunday when we´re all at granny´s i have a funny video to show of my roomate freaking out on the bridge, its funny. Afterwards i finished all my shopping, and went home to a sick mamá she had a migrane that she said was the worst pain she ever felt, so my sister and brother in law were hanging out with her. she was better this morning, and i´m glad!

Today my business teacher took us all to a cafe called El Gringo - its owned by an American from Portland who has been living in Mexico for the past 15 years. Great food, and awesome hot chocolate. And in a few minutes i´ll be going with my Mexican amigas to see Karate Kid in VIP.

Tomorrow is our graduation ceremony and farewell dinner with my group till 6pm. Then i think i´ll go home and pack, and afterwards go out for the last time. My bus for the airport leaves Cuernavaca at 315am.... so i don´t think i´ll go to sleep i´ll just stay out till 2, go home, get my stuff, and leave! I´m still wondering how i´m going to work out all the stuff i bought in my suitcases. Its going to be interesting.

I can´t wait to see you all and i´ll be in contact with my mom when i land saturday. LOVE U GUYS!!!


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