Danat Resort at Jebel Dhanna

Published: October 15th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Well we have just returned from a stay at the Danat Resort at Jebel Dhanna for Eid.Our arrival was not the most auspicious as we were overlooked by the check in staff initially and were not served a welcome beverage as other guests were that we observed.

And then further on into our stay we had the misfortune of a couple of bad encounters with other staff members. Chelle had booked herself in for a spa treatment and when she presented myself at the spa at the appointed time she was informed that the room that they would be using for my treatment had been given over to a massage and could I please come back again later on for my treatment. She was most surprised at this as she had booked my treatment 6 hours earlier so there should have been no reason for me having to be bumped. Unfortunatley we had made other plans for the evening so having a later treatment just didn't work for me. Immediatley following this we decided to have a pre dinner drink out on the terrace in front of tides restuarant. We had noticed a lot of other people enjoying a drink out there and thought that it would be a great way to watch the sun set. Unfortunately we were unable to attract anybody's attention to take our drinks order. We waited 20 minutes and asked on two separate occasions to be served. However no help was forthcoming. It was at this time that Chelle decided to make a complaint and approached the guest relations counter. Needless to say things were then galvanised and we got our drinks. .

When we came to check out the next day we received another unpleasant surprise we when were told that our belief that the eid package was two nights including breakfast for AED799 was actually each night at AED 799 and not a total price. I must say that the way it was advertised made it seem like it was a total package price, so we were more than a little disappointed.

However it wasn't all bad. We spent our day out on the beach, lounging around reading books and swimming. Jeremy went windsurfing a couple of times and we even saw a dead sea snake and a couple of live flying fish. And on the way back home again Chelle even saw a mini tornado dancing across the sand. It was beautiful!

The drive up there was terribly long however. About 3 hours. And that is going at speeds of approx 140km/hr. The roads here are so straight and amazing that you don't even realise what speed you are going half the time.

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16th October 2007

Danat resort
We were there that same week-end and enjoyed the stay, fresh air and nicer weather then Dubai. Service okay not the best. Have to admit though that the drive was long.
18th October 2007

I agree
The drive was frightfully long. And I'm not really sure if it was totally worth it. The rooms were lovely but the facilities weren't the greatest, especiallly for the cost.

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