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September 11th 2011
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Authentic folk Scottish jam session, right in my own backyard! On Monday and Thursday evening, The Islay Inn, a traditional rustic inn reminiscent of the days when travelers rested from their long foot-journeys, hosts a "Music Session". This is no ordinary garage band 4-piece jam hour. Fiddlers, guitarists, floutists, and musicians of all sorts and ages gathered to play traditional Scottish tunes and enjoy their Guinness. It was a great pleasure to watch as people came together, greeted each other, and shared in their communal love of great music. Songs that everyone knew began and shanty tunes and sing-a-longs, and the band, which grew to about 30 by the end of the night, would jam each one out until I felt like I was back in the 18th century, and would all come together in the end perfectly to tie it all back up into one amazing jam. This was seriously an awesome experience. Imagine the possibilities if people could set aside their busy lives for just one night a week and do what they loved to do without asking for a penny?


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