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November 9th 2008
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Drove from Edinburgh, up through the Scottish Highlands to Inverness, at the mouth of the River Ness.
Inverness is a nice town/city and at the start of Loch Ness. It seems’ a whole industry has been built upon ‘the monster’.
There is B&Bs and hotels, restaurants etc etc everywhere. Our B&B host was a fine example of a gruff Scotsman. He was shitty we wanted breakfast at 8.30 in the morning, it was going to interrupt his hangover time so we had to wait until after 9, which is a pain because it gets dark here at 4 pm, he then wanted to give us his opinion on everything, complained about the work involved with guests, but gladly took our money. In fact he was a Scottish Basil Fawlty. He also claimed to make the best porridge in the world. He failed, being the porridge connoisseur that I am. But he was alright and it was all a big act. We even had black pudding for breakfast.
Finally hit the road to find “Nessie” and get a reward. It was a lovely scenic drive around Loch Ness, which was lucky as it didn’t stop raining. Still made sure we stopped to get the all important photo shot when we could. I think we found Nessie but no reward as we are going to smuggler her home as she is so cute and cuddly found her having a dip when we stop at one of our scenic points.(Jenni wrote that bit, not me)
Anyhow Scotland is much nicer than England, no wonder the poms have been invading the place for centuries. The highlands especially are lovely. It is a pity the weather isn’t a bit more pleasant, but in fairness it is almost winter here. It’s not that cold, it’s just the rain and the sleet and the snow and the wind and the…

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