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February 6th 2009
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hey. sorry i'm sleepy.

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bobby bobby

the fake cop a.k.a. mall cop
MP5 baby!MP5 baby!
MP5 baby!

the real cops. notice that they didn't give one to the guy on the right. his face says it all.
London tower London tower
London tower

London towers falling down, falling down...wait
church church

Metropolitan Tabernacle, Spurgeon's church
bulls bulls

the guy did not know how to take a picture
tisk, tisktisk, tisk
tisk, tisk

DON'T TOUCH. Don't touch and get caught...ha ha i'm so a 007
what did i tell you what did i tell you
what did i tell you

just need my two kills
Some rockSome rock
Some rock

this rock was use as a paper weight by giants in Mesopotamia, or something like that...

war. it's the only way.

You know that your old when the calculator you use in college is in a museum COUGHbard


6th February 2009

Looks like you're busy! Bard was just reminiscing WITH his calculator this week ... he just can't part with it :) By the way ... you're phone went bust on us, maybe it misses you :(
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6th February 2009

mind the gap
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6th February 2009

Hey, that was a nice gun, get a pic holding one and I'll contribute to the Travis travel fund. Get me a FD patch and you deffinitly get some funding, they love to give them out, tell them you have a friend who will send them one.
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7th February 2009

you look so formal with your hands always folded behind your back =)
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