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July 23rd 2012
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My frenemy, the midget washing machine
Today is laundry and shopping day. Shopping for groceries takes place daily because if you don't have a car you have to carry everything. Some older people pull their groceries on what looks like a miniature dolly with wheels. But since we are young strapping females who have eaten too many pastries, we carry. The two stores out here are Coop and Migros and they are as plentiful as Starbucks and Caribou are in an urban area.

All grocery stores are closed on Sundays, so you had better plan ahead. If you run out of food you can always eat out, the cost for three to eat one meal is what one full day of groceries would cost. I spend between 60-90 francs a day depending on what we need. So that is up to $100/day for us to eat 3 meals each. I buy all kinds of fresh food and the biggest luxury is picking up some pasteries. The fresh food is really good and we have been enjoying our meals, we still have not eaten out at a sit down restaurant, but my black dress and heels are packed in case the occasion arises.

Now on to
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clothes lines work great, can get 2 loads on it (remember my washing machine is small)
the midget sized Whirlpool front loading wash machine. Where to begin. First of all you can't get much in it and then it literally runs for 2 hours, I am not exaggerating. It is the noisiest machine ever made. First you set the temperature, put the laundry detergent disc in the holding container and press some buttons that seem to make it work. It only releases a little water at a time and keeps aggitating, I think this is the wash cycle. After an hour of that it starts spinning super-super fast and sounds like a small plane taking off. Just when you think it's going to explode or take flight the spinning slows. Oh good, my laundry is ready to be hung out, then water starts running and it begins spinning again. It must go through this process at least 10 times and about the time you are ready to hit it with a bat, it stops. Oh, but it has a lock on it, how do I know that? because at this moment my clothes are locked in the machine and I see there is a tiny padlock picture by one of the buttons. Rob threw the last
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Dinner; mixed green salad with tomatoes, grilled cheese, fried zucchini-mushroom-carrots and raspberry tarts.
load in so it must be something he did. The load I did earlier has completely dried thanks to the constant breeze we had today. It was a good thing, too because that load was still dripping wet. When the cleaning ladies were here (who spoke no English) they showed me what to do, and I did that, but the machine wouldn't work. So I just pushed a couple of buttons, and it started running. So this thing is more temperamental than a premenstrual woman. Rob just walked in from his run and I asked him to go look at the wash machine because our clothes are locked in it, he came out and said "it's open", so it's not only tempermental it's trying to make a fool out of me.

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Rob eventually arrived for dinner after 1830
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Photo 6

Museum of Art and History in Geneva, take bus 3, my goal to get there tomorrow
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Photo 7

Cool building
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Photo 8

Antique store, waaay different then our antique stores. Most stuff looks pretty high end in there
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Photo 9

Ivy's hanging down balconies
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Photo 10

Asger Jorn brochure, love his form and use of color
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Photo 11

Angry cat on a leash in the park, can relate
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Photo 12

Black leashed cats compatriot
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Photo 13

I will not walk on this leash you idiot lady

23rd July 2012

We thoroughly enjoy your blogs. Why does it say to leave a comment about the blog entry everyday except Sunday? I left one yesterday and think Michele left her's yesterday too. Neither one of us can find a way to register, Michele said she tried, but it did not work and I cannot see anything about registering, but will try to check for that again. Rosalie
24th July 2012

Your adventures with the washer are a scream (although I'm sure very frustrating for you.) Always interesting to hear how people in other countries do their everyday chores. Your meals look lovely. Rob is lucky to have you along.

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