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October 16th 2011
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Very expensive ceramics factory and store in Cervo. Seems almost out of place here, but we saw beautiful artisanal works. Even though they are expensive to buy, they happen to be in every home we visit. I need to find out the trick to owning some for myself. We have yet to receive the tour of the factory, but we have time.
So much is happening here... and now that I have unlimited WIFI (weefee) access, and my own bed, I can keep you up to speed. Tranquila. That is the speed here. Although the last few weeks have had their moments of relaxation, our brains have been unsettled while we looked for places to live, prepared introductory slideshows for our new students, sought out new cell phone numbers, became accustomed to the lifestyle and schedules of stores and restaurants, train/bus schedules, etc. Now we have our homes and are mostly unpacked. Now we can breathe.

Brian and I left Santiago de Compostela on Sept. 28th. 17€ and 3 hours later we arrived to Cervo where I started work on Oct. 3rd; Brian started on Oct. 5th. We had an orientation in Santiago on the 4th and Brian and I said our good-byes, with plans to see each other on the weekend for the Festival de los Mariscos in O Grove. (Brian wrote about this, but there aren't enough pages to describe what an awesome time we had. The bodega, I call it the Garden of Eden/Eatin', was the highlight for sure.)

School has been great. All the children in the
Colexio de CervoColexio de CervoColexio de Cervo

My school! It's even better inside. Brand new library and each classroom has the high-tech projectors connected to laptops. Way more saavy then when I was in elementary school.
primary levels knew my name before I stepped foot in the door. The school has 101 students, from 3-12 years old. I work primarily with the 6th graders, but have 1 hour/week with each of the primary grades, starting with 1st grade (age 5-6?). For the first 2 weeks I lived with a woman named Carmen, a very charming older woman, who rents rooms for 10€/night. She makes your bed and does your laundry every day. She only speaks Spanish and Gallego, but she speaks Spanish for us. She always has a smile on her face. Cervo is in the sticks. The rooster crows often after 7ish in the morning and the dogs bark in the evening. There is a goat across the road and I've heard a horse pass by my bedroom, but I've never seen it. I could walk to school which was nice, but there isn't much else to do. You can follow a narrow cobblestone road to the bar/cafeteria for food, drinks and WIFI at any time of day, but due to the humidity it is swarming with pesky flies. UGH! It's probably due to the weather transitioning into fall. (Late summer here too this year.)
Playa de Las CatedralesPlaya de Las CatedralesPlaya de Las Catedrales

Only when the tide is out can you see the Catedrales. But don't get stuck to far down the coast when the tide comes in!

Now I am in Burela, a larger town (10k) that many of my teachers live in. It's 5km away - walking distance if I needed to, but I'll be sharing a ride. The town has a port and many beaches. The transportation is better in Burela, compared to Cervo, but no transportation exists to return to Burela on a Sunday. Luckily I've met some people who live towards Brian, so I can have the chance to visit him once in awhile. There is a lot to see here. We've already had a paid holiday/day off at work too. Oct 12 = Dia de la Hispanidad = Columbus Day (in the U.S.). So, I took a fieldtrip with a girl from Pennsylvania, that is an auxiliar (assistant) like me. We took a quick and cheap train ride to a coastal destination called Playa de Las Catedrales. Beautiful! We spent the whole day their taking pictures under the arches; exploring the sea creatures, water pools and rock formations; walking the coastline; and paying way to much for lunch and bottled water. Next time we are packing a lunch and setting up camp on one of the many stone picnic tables overlooking
Playa de Las CatedralesPlaya de Las CatedralesPlaya de Las Catedrales

We were there long enough to see the tide out and then again with the water rising. Amazing to be on the cliffs looking below.
the water. There is a 16km trail along the coast that we want to walk. When it was time to go, we followed the route in which we came, passing a couple of bulls, over a bridge, and through a field to the train stop. As we waiting we made pleasant conversation with an elderly woman while we curiously watched the cows in the field across the tracks. One had just given birth a few moments prior. We missed it! We watched as the calf tried to feed from the bull and momma was getting angry and protective. Then a man had to come help direct the calf to the momma. An interesting to our trip for sure!


19th October 2011
Playa de Las Catedrales

Fantastic picture.
19th October 2011

Great that your settled in.
Hi Shannon and Brian, It's great you're relax now, taking advantage of you surrounding and meeting new friends. I must be fullfilling seeing and knowing the students like you guys. So the weather is good and buggy, over here it has been sunny but cooler (45 F)at night. Woork is slow and not appealing to me, I have to grin and bare it for a few more months. Take Care, Love you both and be SAFE. Dad

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