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January 8th 2012
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Finally! The last leg of our trip! Our early December trip... We had a blast and in this last beach town we only had one night left to spend. After visiting the town we now know that we could have spent more time there, but it was time to go back to work. Maybe we will visit again in the summer! It was beautiful!

When we arrived to Santander it was siesta. Of course! Actually we arrived in the nick of time to grab a map from the tourist office. We also had to look up what hostel we reserved with so we found a bar with WIFI to find out where we needed to go. We are organized. Not too much later, we were able to set our heavy luggage down at our hostel and go for some food. Nearby we found a hole in the wall restaurant where they had 12 variations on how they served mussels. Sounded like our kind of place so we ordered a dozen, served with a salsa vinaigrette. Delicious! Maybe the best we’ve tried.

Since we only had one day here, we chowed down on our mussel plate and hit the road. We walked towards the water and found our bus stop with ease. We were headed to the Palace of Magdalena. We found that we couldn't go inside the palace, but the grounds and beach were amazing on the way to the edge of the peninsula where the palace sits. On the rocky cliffs looking out into the Cantabrian Sea you could see a lighthouse on a rock formation surrounded by water, another lighthouse and breathtaking views of craggy cliffs and sandy beaches. Our favorite part of the palace grounds was an interior canopy of trees in a grassy picnic area. The whole place was beautiful! And at the end of our circular route, a zoo! We were just in time for the feeding of the seals and the penguins. We were not expecting that at all. By this time it was starting to get dark so we walked along the beach and tried to decide what was next for our last night together. We decided to head back to the hostel and say hi to Brian's family. We were a little early on seeing the whole family online, so we took a walk to see what our neighborhood looked like and see what choices we had for dinner. It is always extremely hard to decide where to eat in Spain. First, you never really know what to expect, even if the menu is in English. Second, all the restaurants have very similar menus. Third, American cravings and/or cravings for variety. We did happen to find a very nice place for dinner. The bar menu looked a little bit more our style so we grabbed a few small plates, including one with fois gras. Everything was tasty, but after more than a week of small plates and room-temp, bite-sized pintxos/tapas, Shannon needed to eat something that came either hot or cold and served with a fork. So we found a bar with a decent menu and sat among a very rambunctious room of soccer fans. The food did not disappoint. After the meal (we have no idea who won the game) we headed back and had a nice video chat with Brian's family. We didn't stay up too much later, as the next day was going to be a long one of traveling, 10+ hours from home. Fun times though!

Current update on our holiday break and returning from Portugal coming soon.

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6th November 2012

north spain landscapes
hello,this summer I spent two weeks in the north Of Spain.We started our holidays from Pamplona and we went to Santander,Oviedo,La Coruna,Santiago de Compostela,Léon and at last San Sebastian.Really a very good holidays,beautiful places,cheap prices and wonderful landscapes. I've made a video with photos I took from the beaches visited above all next to Santander,if tou want to have a look. Thanks Marco

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