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July 30th 2010
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Today was the day! Our flight left Chicago about an hour late at 7pm because of an air conditioning malfunction last evening for a relatively uneventful flight across the Atlantic to Munich. We had to race pretty fast through the Munich airport to make our connecting flight to Krakow, but we definitely made it! Bryan and I managed some sleep on the plane, but Grandpa was TOO excited to sleep! We arrived in Krakow exhausted after our long series of flights and began the process of getting our car. It was maybe the sketchiest car rental I've ever seen...they didn't even have a desk. All of our paperwork was done in the middle of the airport.... But, we eventually got our car and headed to the Sheraton in Krakow for just tonight. Krakow is undergoing major construction, so it was not particularly easy to find our hotel, but once we got here it was great! Our cousin Hubi met us just as we pulled in and was gracious enough to wait for us as we all got cleaned up a bit before heading out to see the Old Square. We were able to walk through the park and see the market before we met up with cousin Jadi! She met us outside of the beautiful St. Mary's Cathedral. I think this was when it finally hit Grandpa that he was really back in Poland. It was really moving to see them finally meet each other. We then went through the cathedral and back to the market to make some purchases before meeting up with cousin Karol for dinner at a traditional Polish restaurant. It was almost 7pm (polish time) and we were all starting fade. After a wonderful dinner we headed back to our hotel and we are all struggling to stay awake long enough tonight! All in all it was a great first day. We can't wait to see what the reunion tomorrow holds!

By popular demand (apparently I didn't do this enough with my last Germany blog...)

"I just might be the last comic standing" -G'pa
"And you almost just fell down...." -Bryan

"They need a new battery for the air conditioner on the plane? Offer them my hearing aid batteries. I have two." -Gpa

"Don't worry, I won't drop Grandpa. He might have to hold on for dear life by the end of this
We have SO much luggageWe have SO much luggageWe have SO much luggage

And Bryan was not thrilled I took this picture...
wheelchair ride, but I won't drop him" -Bryan

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The Boys outside St. Mary'sThe Boys outside St. Mary's
The Boys outside St. Mary's

Dad, Grandpa, Bryan, Hubi
Meeting KarolMeeting Karol
Meeting Karol

All of these meetings were far more emotional...I just didn't capture the emotional part...

30th July 2010

wow - I'm hooked already
Hey Kelly! This is going to be a great blog, once again! Wow are you fast at getting this up and running, loaded with photos, even when you're dragging at the end of day 1!!! Very impressive! Your grandpa looks and sounds absolutely adorable. Now if he were just a few decades younger...... :) Have a glorious time with all your boys!
30th July 2010

bahh this is so awesome! please update regularly (with quotes). and more emotional photos next time!!
31st July 2010

Great Start
Dear Kelly: Thanks for including me in this wonderful adventure. I feel privileged to be a witness to this incredible event.

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