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March 29th 2009
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I found three poems at Steve Kuusisto's blog today. I have been STARVING for poetry lately, and this helps so much!

I love Yeats. Kate has family up in Donegal, and we've been there several times. Outside of Sligo I visited Yeats' grave; and even though I was formerly a "horseman" (well I had horses and sheep) I didn't pass by, I stayed there a long time.

In Sligo I met an amazing guy, Michael Quirke, who has status in Ireland as a legendary storyteller. He used to be a butcher. Out of some semi-conscious artistic imperative he began carving figures and figurative stories into the meat: there was Fionn Mac Cumoill; Mauve; the Salmon of Wisdom; Neam and Bran and Oisin... and most fearsomely of all, a hooded falcon/human.

One day someone said, "Michael, why don't you carve into wood instead of meat?"
So, Michael switched to wood. I have two of his extraordinary carvings at Casa Bella now, carved from Sligo sycamore, not far from Temple House, near the 11th century Templar ruins where the Sandy Percival lives, distance relative of the sick healer in the Holy Grail mythology, who looked away when he shouldn't have.

Question: Who is the dread hooded falcon/human figure in Celtic mythology?

Steve's site: http://www.planet-of-the-blind.com/


31st March 2009

No one will find...
No one will find the name of the Dawaku...
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