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September 14th 2010
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Saturday to Monday
The trip from Athens to Lefkada was an experience and successful. We went by cab from Hotel Cecil downtown Athens to the bus depot on the outskirts. I’m glad Don has a good knowledge of the Greek alphabet the signs for the various towns were in both scripts but the names on the buses in Greek only. There was a little anxiety as were placed on a wait list for the bus even though we were there an hour before departure. It was a great way to see the land between the 2 places. It basically followed the Corinth canal. The journey was about 6 hours, with one stop for bathrooms. Air conditioning on the bus no loos, I was glad coffee had only been had at breakfast. There was an incredible rain storm for about an hour, large amount of rain thunder and lightening. The Greek passengers were quite entertaining even though we had no understanding of what they were saying!

We got into Lefkada late Saturday afternoon. Sailing in Blue were able to let us sleep on the boat Saturday night. We spent Saturday and Sunday relaxing sorting things out and exploring the town. Monday morning we got provisions and then Nikos from SIB and our trusty skipper Telemarcos joined us to go over the details of the boat. Telemarcos is a great addition he is fluent in English have gone to university in the UK. He worked in the business field for a while and then decided to follow the life of freelance skipper/instructor. He has been in the area for about the last 5 years and has lots of local knowledge and history to share as well as the details of boat handling.

Monday noon we set off south down the Lefkada canal towards Nidri. Where we had our first couple of practices at “Mediterranean” mooring. Backing a boat up towards a concrete quay then dropping the anchor and ending about 1 to 2 feet from the quay jumping ashore or passing a line to someone ashore is inherently wrong. With Don at the helm, Sheila on the anchor and myself on the lines with Telemarcos to advise we managed successfully with out too much stress! It was then off for a loop around Skorpios where we had our first swim in the med. Then south past Meganisi to Sivota on the south shore of Lefkada. What an idyllic place water, boats, Greek buildings around the harbour with all their character. We moored at one of the Tavernas so showers for all followed by a wonderful meal Greek style - all items shared. The Greeks sure know how to cook; supper was so fresh and flavourful!

Off to Sail tomorrow and practice some more manoeuvres then spend the night at Kalamos.


16th September 2010

Sounds Fun!
Wow! It sounds like you guys are having a great time...must say I am jelous.

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