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June 1st 2011
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may 31, 2011 002may 31, 2011 002may 31, 2011 002

Our building on TUD campus- it's like a maze inside, seriously
The past three days (plus today) have largely just been spent doing things that need to be done here according to my schedule. Jamie took off Monday morning for Berlin, and I went to my mittelschule observation and taught six 7th graders for 90 minutes, which were the longest 90 minutes of my life. Ugggghhhh do not want to teach middle school ever oh my god. But at least after that, things got slightly better. I wrote up a full lesson plan "just in case" my teaching partner's didn't get approved by Dr. G and it's a good thing I did, because in the lesson planning meeting yesterday, he basically told me that we'll just use mine (without having ever seen it- does this say something about his faith in my abilities?).

This week is a short week due to the German holiday of Ascension Day, which they call "Man Day" here, and is really just all the dudes getting really drunk. That's seriously it, haha. I did two more TUD observations, tried not to punch certain annoying people in the face, and last night spent the night up on the 14th floor with my girls playing Kings and drinking
may 31, 2011 003may 31, 2011 003may 31, 2011 003

Walking towards the main road on campus
beer and it was just amazing. I'm already sad that I'll have to leave them soon- 10 days. But we are making sure that we are going to have at LEAST two meet-ups a month back in Ohio where we can all get together again, and maybe cook some food for each other. ____> I know it's the last week, but dang, it's so busy!

Teaching again tonight and then Dr. G is making us all food at his place in Baernsdorf, and then tomorrow morning we get up really early to go hiking in Saxony-Switzerland! Excited~ just have to get through this lesson tonight, and then I've got 4 awesome days ahead of me!

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may 31, 2011 005may 31, 2011 005
may 31, 2011 005

Approaching the bridge on campus
may 31, 2011 006may 31, 2011 006
may 31, 2011 006

Yummy snacks from the vending machine in the Seminar building
may 31, 2011 008may 31, 2011 008
may 31, 2011 008

Girls' night!
may 31, 2011 022may 31, 2011 022
may 31, 2011 022

Kings + our destroying of this crate of beer
may 31, 2011 025may 31, 2011 025
may 31, 2011 025

Kinderegg crown

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