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September 24th 2009
Published: September 24th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

I don't mean to disappoint, but this week has been kind of slow. I know, I know, studying abroad is supposed to be glamorous and full of crazy adventures and mis-communications. But I'm the dull exception to that rule for now.

I finally started Danish lessons, twice a week, for three hours each day! I'm studying at Studieskolen, which is downtown. The other students are from Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, England, Italy, and the USA. I can talk about the weather and deliver a message for you if you're late to work. Good stuff. Since class is three hours long we take a break half-way through. I went across the street to buy a bagel and I ordered in Danish. The man responded in English. But I decided I wasn't gonna play his game. So when he asked if I wanted tomatoes, I replied in Danish. I think he thought it was funny, but I wasn't laughing. Well, only a little, after I left, so he didn't know.

On Wednesday my Danish Politics and Society class took a field trip to Venstre (Liberal Party) headquarters (located, according to Jason, "in the Castle of Evil, on the Mountain of Doom"). Venstre is the ruling party in government right now, in a coalition with the Conservative Party. Venstre means left in Danish, but they're a centre-right party. But as my teacher says, to Americans "they must all look like communists." One thing I cannot wrap my head around is the idea of a minority government. Most Danes don't like the government, so the policies implemented are generally not supported by the people? It's weird, although not any weirder than the electoral college and political conflict that plagues the USA, I guess. Slowly the pieces of the political process are falling into place in my brain. They'll have to - midterms are coming up!

TINADAD 3: Danes, for whatever reason, will not move out of your way. This is a problem on the pedestrian streets. It's like a never-ending game of "chicken" to see who will side-step first. I'm getting better at holding my ground, though.


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