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October 17th 2008
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Balls !Balls !Balls !

i am not sure but i think Masstricht has a thing or two to learn about rugby
Last time I added to my blog I was staying in Lommel.
I finally got every thing together and left to start my way south on the 1st of September it was a very windy day which made it hard to keep control at times but hay I managed and soon I was crashing through waves on a big river again as I passed through Maastricht.
The next day was wet and cold but I pushed on through some nice places sorry no pics cos of the rain went through Liege a pretty town with very horrid industrial suburbs there were a few times I thought I might choke before the day was out the last lock leaving Liege did not want to let me go or more to the point had so many big ships to get through there was no room for me, I thought I was here for the night but just after dark there was a bang on the roof and a barge operator grins as I poke my head out and says ‘the lock keeper is calling you he says you should follow me into the lock there is just enough room’
So I pulled on

home sweet home
my trousers started the engine and entered the huge lock behind the barge pushing another barge and there was room but only just I waited for him to leave then untied and started out into the blackness there was a line of boats or I should say ships waiting to go in some light up some barley visible until there on top of you. Night navigation has never bothered me much but this was something different when your sailing at night on the sea there are only the lights that you are supposed to see the rest is inky black and it feels strangely safe.
This is not the case on a big river with heavy industry on both banks there are lights everywhere and all things just sort of melt into a yellow glow, thankfully after about half an hour I was safely moored up at a sky clubs jetty and after a whisky or two I stopped shaking.
When I woke and looked out it was a nice sunny day the river had left the flats and was now in a valley (Walloon country) a strange place with very strange folk but the whole world was waving so
Going southGoing southGoing south

Why are they all going the other way
I waved back as I pottered along. Did I say sunny back there that lasted just long enough for me to take a photo of the sky club it rains for the rest of the day spent the night in a nice village Bouvigres it was as old as the river and the strange folk waved as I walked around it looking for a café.
The next day went very smoothly and I made lots of progress and crossed the boarder into France at Givet.

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The nice bit

Not so nice bit
sky clubsky club
sky club

now in a valley
walloon countrywalloon country
walloon country

just keep waving
A bit more walloonA bit more walloon
A bit more walloon

dont stop just keep waving
It just keeps getting betterIt just keeps getting better
It just keeps getting better

going to have to stop soon i am worn out from waving
posh or whatposh or what
posh or what

they dont just wave sometimes they shout things like 'you have a boat' or was that liver
getting near Francegetting near France
getting near France

Not far now and the waves are giving way to nods
The boarderThe boarder
The boarder

now i am in France i can rest my arm

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