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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago August 12th 2011

Our trip was sadly drawing to an end. We had been travelling for five and half months, and with only a fortnight left in South America before returning home, our holiday budget purse was almost empty! In fact we knew we would be raiding our savings just to get through the next two weeks. We were very excited though to be flying over the Andes to Santiago in Chile and were glad to board our flight after waiting for over three hours at the airport in Montevideo. However half an hour into the flight we wished that we were still on solid ground as the plane flew through a fierce thunderstorm. We were surrounded by flashes of lightning,the plane was bouncing around badly and we could hear ice crashing onto the skin of the plane. It ... read more
We decided to 'follow the road' from our  plane seats....
Stunning view from the plane

We arrived in the capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo, after a two hour bus trip travelling through flat unexciting scenery. Montevideo was founded in 1724 as a port city on the banks of the wide Rio de la Plata. Buenos Aries is on the opposite bank of the river. A taxi took us to our pre booked hotel, the Palacio, conveniently situated in an historical building very close to the main plaza in the old city(ciudad Vieja). We had a comfortable room reached by a lovely old fashioned brass cage lift. After settling in we left the hotel to explore. We were to discover the central city area was compact and very easy to explore on foot. The streets were lined with grand neo-classical buildings in various stages of decay. As it was Sunday the streets ... read more
Number plates...
The impressive Palacio Salvo, once the tallest building in South America.
The old reflected in the new

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento August 4th 2011

A one hour ferry trip took us to the historic town of Colonia Del Sacramento, founded by the Portuguese in 1680 to smuggle contraband across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aries (which is on the opposite side of the river) into Uruguay. Today it is very much a tourist spot though we were visiting off season and the streets were near deserted on our arrival. Leaving the large terminal we eventually found a hotel on the edge of the old town - it was not a cheap place to stay - and the hotels within the historic area were double the price, despite the season. We only spent two nights in the town though we had planned to stay Saturday evening as well but the hotels prices increased again for the weekend! It was ... read more
Happy face!
Lighthouse and convent ruins of the 17th century Convent of San Francisco
Rio de la Plata

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires July 30th 2011

We arrived in Buenos Aires after a fourteen and half hour bus trip feeling refreshed - the first time that had ever happened on an overnight bus trip! It almost warranted the cost of the ticket…. A taxi took us from the bus station to our hostel (which the driver had trouble finding due to odd street numbering) but after settling into the very comfortable, friendly Chill House we walked to the nearby bus stop and caught a bus into the down town area. We spent a while wandering Plaza De Mayo, the large square and political centre of the city. As with many of these plazas in South America it was lined with signs and banners of protest against a current issue. One side of the plaza fronted Government House or Casa Rosado ( Pink ... read more
Portrait of Eva Peron at the Evita Museum
Two to tango
The 67 meter high Obelisk on the  9 de Julio Avenue

South America » Argentina » Misiones » San Ignacio July 28th 2011

Five hours after leaving Puerto Iguazu we arrived in the small dusty town of San Ignacio Mini where we were planning on visiting the ruins of a former Jesuit mission after which the town is named. An uneventful trip through country side which reminded us of North Queensland. We were dropped off on the highway and walked the kilometre or so into the main town, dodging road works which were causing billowing clouds of red dust. It was a quiet little town and after booking into our hotel we went off to investigate the ruins. It was much busier around them - in fact the roads nearby were lined with souvenir stalls, cafes and tour buses. We purchased tickets for the light and sound show later that evening and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing ... read more
The red sandstone of the Jesuit Mission ruins.
Muddy roads
A little shop in San Ignacio Mini

It is impossible to write about the wonders of the Iguazu Falls. It was definitely one of the highlights of tour trip in South America. From our first glimpse of the thundering magnificence of the falls we were on a total high! After settling into our hotel in Foz de Iguacu, the closest city to the falls in Brazil, we walked to the bus station and almost immediately caught a bus out to the national park which is 20 klms from the city. Once we arrived at the Visitor’s Centre we wasted no time on catching the transit bus to the ‘Path of the Falls’ bus stop. Our first view of the falls took our breath away. We had seen many photographs but they really don’t give you the full scale of the falls.. And the ... read more
Waterfalls everywhere!
The power of the falls was almost unbelievable
The sky was full of mist and rainbows

South America » Paraguay » Asunciòn July 21st 2011

Due to the delayed departure of our flight from Bolivia to Asuncion, capital city of Paraguay, we arrived in the city after dark. Thankfully I had pre booked a hotel and after a quick tour of the central city area our taxi took us to the Palace Hotel, an historic hotel in the old city. It proved to be a good choice, comfortable modernised rooms and wide corridors full of interesting old furniture and art pieces. After settling in we headed out to look for something to eat. The streets were surprisingly deserted - only a few footpath stall holders packing up for the night - but we were eventually able to find a chain style café and a bowl of soup. Later we slowly walked back to the hotel admiring the rather decrepit architecture we ... read more
Bunting decorating the railway station in Asuncion
Memorial to the Martyrs
Bicentenary bunting and football colour

Early in the morning Jaime drove us to the airport in Sucre - we were headed to the city of Santa Cruz (and nearly back to sea level at only 417 meters) where we planned on catching up with another member of the Argandona family, Rodrigo, before leaving Bolivia enroute for Paraguay and the Iguazu Falls. Unfortunately we found that our flight had been rescheduled and we had a four and half hour wait before departure though we managed to fill the time at the café and online, though the internet signal was very erratic. We had loved our time in the ‘White City’ and really appreciated how well our new ‘family’ had looked after us. The flight to Santa Cruz was brief, a mere 25 minutes, and a taxi took us to a hostel in ... read more
Feeding pigeons in front of the Cathedral on the main plaza
Bolivian colour

We left Potosi by taxi - sharing it with an elderly couple who were going to Sucre to catch a flight to Cocabamba so the man could have more cancer treatment. They were a lovely couple, really cheery and fun. The driver was playing Western music on the CD and our fellow passenger knew every song - he sang along and we had a competition to see who could name the song first. He won! A great drive - as with most of our high altitude travel - very scenic, though desolate in some places. I should imagine that it would normally be very dusty as well though the rain over the previous few days had dampened the earth. Unfortunately though there were too many plastic bags blowing in the wind. We arrived in Sucre three ... read more
Typical street scape in Sucre - with the bare hills behind the city
Museo de la Recoletta
Fountain and arches at the city lookout

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi July 6th 2011

Uyuni didn’t look any less depressing after a nights sleep - it was just much muddier as the thaw was well advanced, It was actually the first large town in Bolivia that we had been to that had predominately dirt streets - we had been expecting to see many more then we had, The roads connecting all the main towns were mostly surfaced as well, It wasn’t long ago that only 200 kilometres of main roads were paved. The bus was late leaving and we spent the time trying to dodge the drips coming from all the roofs - they were heavier than rain. There was total chaos on the street which served as the bus station as the previous day most of he buses out of the town had been cancelled due to road closures ... read more
The main plaza - fascinating spot to people watch
Freshly squeezed orange juice
Cathedral restoration

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