Je veux voyager. Partout. Au moins, je dois essayer de voyager partout! Joignez-vous a moi dans mes aventures!

I want to travel. Everywhere. Or at least try and go everywhere. Join me on my adventures!

After a great time in Santiago it was time to move onto our final destination - Cabarete. We caught a taxi after breakfast to the bus station to catch the Caribe Tours bus to Sosua. When we got to Sosua we had to catch "public transportation" aka a shared taxi to Cabarete. We settled on the Kaoba hotel which I would recommend. It was not expensive, had a nice pool, good AC, was accross the street from the beach. The only negative was the musty smell in the rooms. Once we had checked into the hotel we were very hungry so we found a local food stall and I had arroz con pollo while Tal had rice and beans. After lunch, we did what we came to Cabarete for - beach! The beach was very nice ... read more
Beach hut
Beach entrance
Walking on the beach with Frank our new friend

Okay, so we left Playita Bonita on a concho and the man dropped us off at what seemed to be an abandonned gas station and he said all these pick up trucks go to Sanchez and from there you get a bus/gua gua to Santiago. Right. So as we pull into the gas station there's a truck leaving so we jump in the cab with a couple other locals. It was fun to ride in the back with the wind blowing through our hair and it was really nice outside. I wanted to ask the other locals how much they should charge but they didn't seem very friendly so I didn't. When we got to Sanchez I just gave the driver what I thought the price was and he didn't say anything so that was probably ... read more
winning carnival mask
tal in front of the mirabal house

Next stop: Las Terrenas. It was a 3 gua gua adventure to get there: Las Galeras - Samana, Samana - El Limon, El limon - Las Terrenas. My girlfriend and I actually enjoy these little bus rides so it was quite fun/relaxing to see the countryside. Once we got to Las Terrenas we checked into Casa Robinson - a cute little place owned by a friendly Italian couple which is right across the beach. What we saw all across the Dominican Republic that made us laugh is those trucks that go around blaring propaganda about the candidates in the upcoming election. Does that actually work? Anyways, we found it funny. Our first day in LT we hung out on the beach and we really liked it. It was quite nice and the water was really warm. ... read more
Casa Robinso
Talia at Syroz
Me at Le Bistreau

We only had two weeks, but we were flexible. However, we knew right away that we wanted to go to the beach and be alone so we decided on the morning of the 25th to rise early and head there. We caught a cheap cab to the bus station. I had read that you need to ask for the route that takes the "new" highway so that's what I did. We got on the bus. It was from Caribe Tours so it was nice and comfy and my girlfriend enjoyed the views all the way there. Once in Samana we were immediately accosted by all the guys trying to help us. Avoid these guys. Just walk along the sidewalk to the bustling market and ask around there. From the market we got a picket truck with ... read more
lg - casa de oli
lg - us street leading to casa
lg - homemadesupper

Our trip to the DR actually started at 11:30 pm on the night of April 23rd, 2010. We decided to leave from Syracuse, NY, because the plane tickets from Syracuse were half the price on Jet Blue of the tickets from Montreal (where we live). We had a 6am flight from Syracuse so we left Montreal at 11:30 pm because we weren't sure how long it would take. Anyways, we got there at around 3:30 am (we took a while because we stopped quite long for a meal/snack). I drove all the way until 20 minutes before getting there but I had to give up because I was falling asleep. Uneventful connection at JFK and we were on the ground in the DR for noon. It was hot! I had read you couldn't really negotiate the ... read more
WEEK1 - square next to hotel

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca August 6th 2009

SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH. Bon je suis en beau joilevert et j'en ai plein le casque des internets qui ne marchent pas bien en amerique du sud donc cette fois-ci vous n'avez pas le droit a une explication. Juste des photos. En gros, j'avais presque fini mon blog pi il s'est eteint et j'ai tout perdu. Essentiel: 1. Cuenca 2. Vilcabamba 3. 28 heures de bus pour arriver a Lima 4. Lima Je m'amuse full gros j'ai juste pu le gout de ce blog!!! J'ai hate de vous le raconter face a face! A bientot. My english blog: learn french or put the above in google translate... it may give you a general idea of what i want to say! I'm having lots of fun and i can't wait to see you all!... read more
Moi, Michael, Celine
Un vrai cowboy!!
Vue du Mandongo

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Riobamba July 26th 2009

SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH. Un gros salut depuis Riobamba! Apres Guayaquil, j'ai pris un bus pour Riobamba, situee a environ 5 heures de Guayaquil. La premiere journee ici je me suis juste promene un peu partout pour connaitre la ville. Je me suis promene d'un parc a un autre, lisant mon livre, profitant de la vie! La ville est situee a environ 2700 metres mais il y a beaucoup de montagnes plus grandes aux alentours donc il y a des vues extraordinaire! Hier, je suis alle avec une visite guidee au volcan Chimborazo, le plus haut sommet en Equateur a 6310 metres. Nous sommes alles au premier refuge, situe a 4800 metres. De la, nous avions grimpes jusqua 5000 metres (voir la photo) au second refuge. A cause de l'altitude, c'etait quand meme pas si facile! ... read more
5000 meters!
A 5000 metres!
Biking down full speed!

SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH. Salut salut!!! Ca va bien? Moi super! Je suis de retour ici a Guayaquil apres avoir passe une merveilleuse semaine dans les iles Galapagos. En arrivant Mercredi passe, je n'avais pas reserve de chambre d'auberge et j'ai eu de la misere a en trouver une parce que en ce moment c'est la saison haute dans les iles. La seule chose que j'ai pu trouver fut une chambre a $42 (Americain!). Je n'ai jamais paye autant pour une chambre. Je suis habitue de payer environ $5. En tout cas, je suis reste la bas une nuit avant de trouver une autre place, cette fois si a $15 la nuit... quand meme cher, mais qu'est-ce que tu veux? TOUT est plus cher dans les iles Galapagos. Ma premiere journee je suis alle visiter le ... read more
Me and sea lions, again
moi pi une vue
blue footed boobie

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil July 13th 2009

SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH. Salut tout le monde!!! Ca fait un petit bout! Je suis arrive ici a Guayaquil la semaine derniere (Mercredi) sur un avion en provenance de Quito. Je reste ici chez mon ami Andres et sa blonde Paula (avec qui j'ai reste a Bogota en Colombie) est aussi ici pour quelques semaines. Guayaquil est la plus grosse ville du pays. Je pense qu'il y a environ 4 million de personnes ici mais tuez moi pas svp si j'ai tort. La premiere journee que je suis arrivee nous sommes alles visiter le Malecon 2000. C'est une espece de promenade en bois qui longe une des rivieres dans la ville et il y a pleins de petits restaurants, magasins, un cinema IMAX, etc. Aussi nous avions visite le Parque Historico. C'est un espece de parc ... read more
Going to the beach
Regardez mes gros muscles
Street Montanita again

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 6th 2009

SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH. Salut tout le monde! Je suis maintenant rendu en Equateur! Et devinez comment je me suis rendu?!?! En avion... premiere classe!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO. A vrai dire, il n'y avait qu'une seule classe donc par defaut j'etais en premiere classe! J'etais pret a prendre un bus de 30 heures de Medellin en Colombie jusqu'a Quito en Equateur mais j'ai trouve un vol (2 en fait) pour $138 qui ne dure que une heure et demie. J'ai pris le vol le plus court de ma vie (29 minutes) de Medellin a Bogota avec Avianca. Apres ca j'ai pris un vol (premiere classe) de Bogota a Quito avec AeroGal. Bon, je n'etais pas vraiment en premiere premiere classe mais je fus tout de meme impressione par le service offert par AeroGal. Ils te servent un verre ... read more
Which hemisphere am I am... both!!!
Vieux Quito - Nuit

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