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14th November 2012

Throwing up in India
We'll be there in February. I think we'll go Five Star! Thanks for the tips. 'There probably aren’t too many places in the world where you can see a camel drop a steamy shadoobee while drinking a coffee in a restaurant'. I'm not sure I've ever seen a camel in a restaurant, let alone one doing a shadoobee while drinking coffee. Sounds more like Las Vegas! David and Janice
12th November 2012

Why in the world do you want to travel for three months in India and not enjoy it?
Would it be possible to pay twice what your budget calls for and get much better accommodations and transportation and spend only half the time in India? Or spend three time more and only one month...not sure what budget it takes to make the experience more enjoyable? At least you are being honest about your experience, but not one that I would ever want to partake in! Why do you do it???
10th November 2012

Wonderful place
WOW! So beautiful picture. Very nice place. I like this place. Its my dream that i see this place. Thanks for sharing.
6th November 2012

So Glad You Guys Are Having A Great Time!!
Don't you just love India? Seems like Nate is having a good go of having a no bullshit policy. Trust me, in about a week you guys will never want to leave. Don't forget to put Jaisalmer on your list. It is seriously the most beautiful city ever, and well worth the hellish bus/train ride across the desert to see it.
6th November 2012

Shouting on trains!
We never had the same experience as you on the trains as we had heard sleeper class were horrendous for people nicking your beds, so we ended up paying extra for 2AC and it was very civilised by comparison, almost nice (apart from the baby cockroaches everywhere!). Nate going mental at people on the train reminds me of Neil doing the same thing in China (you think the Indians are impatient and loud?!) and he actually picked up a Chinese guy and yelled at him like he was a little boy! The guy had almost succeeded in pushing me down the stairs when I had my big rucksack on. Sometimes it just all builds up and you can't take any more and the yelling commences...we have had this happen a couple of times! xx
6th November 2012

India is a difficult country to love
Hi guys, Love the brutal honesty. We travelled there back in 2005 and no other country has ever pushed my buttons like india. At one point i came as close as i have ever got to murdering someone...and yes it involved Indian rail. We had 9 very long weeks there and we ran the full emotional spectrum of laughing, crying and screaming and everything in between. Got home and swore i would never return unless i was piloting a bomber full of horse shit, but you know what, i think i could now. As bad as it got, we did have some incredible experiences over there and met some great people...but boy it is tough going. We found the South a bit easier going especially around Fort Cochin. We agree with your statement that no one tells it like it is and how tough it is and it is refreshing to read your honesty. Hope your travels get smoother and look forward to your next blog. Keep up the great blogs. Shelley and Scott
5th November 2012

Oh India...
Am loving reading your India blogs... Like you we started our Indian adventure in kolkata which I'm sure isn't the best entry point to start any travels in India but then I'm struggling to think where would be. Those Hindustan Ambassador taxi's are sooooo cool. :) Again, like you, a few weeks later we were enjoying the incredible Golden Temple. I'm not the most spiritual of people but you'd have to be made of stone not to be moved by that place. Seriously, seriously beautiful... And again, like you, the train out of Amritsar was just awful!!! It was the straw that broke the camels back in terms of enjoying travelling in India for us. Sitting at the station with the unbreakable death stares of a hundred surly men aimed at us, carpets of black flies crawling over everything and what seemed like a sea of human shit surrounding us. Eurghhh I'm shaking thinking about it now. We were hypersensitive to everything anyway due to Faye being pregnant, but it was that moment when we seriously wondered why we were still there. We did continue on for many weeks afterwards though and we did have some really great, memorable times. Thankfully the horrific memories have faded just leaving behind the positive ones (maybe even making them stronger), we vowed never to return when we left, but for some reason, now several years later, we are starting to feel like we want to explore more... It's a strange country that's for sure, and I'm quite certain we won't be able to resist its lure forever! Safe travels guys...
8th November 2012

It would have been better if he was actually peeing...the smell was so bad we had to take it quick and run away! LOL
2nd November 2012
Pai Canyon we missed you

we loved it there
and some how so few people got to visit it when were there..... too far from the bar maybe? nice pic of you two;-) we were just talking with T and you most def you need to visit us in London when we are back and you are back and you get your bank account replenished etc... it would be so lovely and so much easier for you to come to UK than us going to US (Poles are not so welcomed in US in the end)... think about it as we have a guest bedroom available for you all the time !!! Kiss, B&T
1st November 2012

Sim card palaver
The palaver you have to go through in India to get a sim is because of terrorism apparently. The government wants to make it as hard as possible for terrorists to get a sim's doesn't make much sense to us. We remember it well, actually your whole blog brought back some similar memories of India! x
1st November 2012

Hey guys!
That's so crazy that the issues with getting a SIM card here is because of terrorism! We've been in India for a little over a month now and have to say, it's pushed us and tested us like never before! We definitely have some interesting blogs coming up soon, some with the good an others with the bad...the very bad. Being in Agonda feels like we're not even in India right now, which is probably why we'll get stuck here for a while :) Hope all is well with you guys!! xo
31st October 2012

I will be in Varanasi next August, so great preview. At least, I think I will be there, if I manage to buy my ticket from failing computer system of online flight booking site. Wish me luck! But, I can think of dodgy systems also, as a preview for india. :)
1st November 2012

Yes, Varanasi was by far the craziest, dirtiest place we've ever been but not necessarily in a bad way. It's definitely a place we think everyone should try to experience at some point. Hopefully you'll get your tickets booked soon! :) And you sure won't be short on experiences with dodgy internet here...or just having power many times for that matter. We have to say, India is testing us unlike any other country by far, but we finally made our way to the beach and can relax for a while. Good luck with your tickets!! Nate and Jessie
12th October 2012

You haven´t been to Argentina, have you? I thought by this time of year you might be here... Tell me: have you been to Myanmar??? I am planning a trip on those lands... Hugs. Graciela.
1st November 2012

Hi Graciela!!! Did you ever get the last message we sent you about heading back to Asia? While we were in Bolivia it started to get a lot colder due to the time of the year. We really wanted to make it down to southern Argentina along with the rest of the country and Brazil as well. But, the other problem we started running into was our funds are running low and we weren't quite ready to go home yet. So, instead of spending only a little over a month more in SA we decided to head back to Asia for about another 6 or 7 months. We're really sad to have missed Argentina this time around but we also KNOW we'll be there someday. It's definitely a country we're excited to visit! As for Myanmar, we haven't been there yet and were debating about going there after our time here in India. But, right now isn't a good time to be there as they are having some serious problems with religious issues. From what we've read it sounds pretty sketchy. It's another country we really want to visit but don't think the timing is right for us right now. Instead we're planning on spending a week in Bangkok before heading to the Philippines one more time and finally making our way back home to start making some money again :) Hope everything is going well with you! When are you planning on heading to Myanmar? Any other countries you're planning on visiting as well? Sorry for the late response! Take care and talk to you soon! :) xoxo Nate and Jessie
28th September 2012

Great Entry;-)
I really enjoyed reading it and yes, it is so true about couples traveling;-) Congrats on your 5 years and 18 months as well - I hope you will enjoy the rest even more. Absolutely fab decision as work and serious life can wait for later. Are we going to get any engagement blog any time soon? I have been waiting for it since the comment you guys made in the scary blog from Guatemala;-) happy travels, Beata (Tomek says Hi as well)
1st November 2012

Hi guys!
Hi you two! We hope you're still enjoying traveling and things are going well. We're in India right now and have to admit, this country is burning us out in a hurry. By the time we're done we'll definitely be looking forward to going back to Bangkok and the Philippines for one last hoorah. As for the engagement, you'll probably have to wait a little bit yet, but surely Nate has something up his sleeve :) Sorry it took us so long to respond. Between having crappy wifi, getting sick in Jaipur and being run down the last few weeks, the blog got pushed to the side for a bit. But, we should hopefully be getting caught back up soon. Stay safe you guys!!! Nate and Jessie
27th September 2012
Unawatuna's skinny beach

it looks different to what we remember though;-)

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