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4th March 2011

Can't wait for more pics!
It sounds like a fabulous trip! Hope you're resting up. Can't wait to see all of your pics.
3rd March 2011

Welcome home
Glad you're home safe and sound with all your bags. Have fun making all of your socks white again!! Now, get some sleep!
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13th February 2011

Yup - right there with you! Whenever I travel, I wish I could do it more! My first 12 days are a mix of vacation and work with most of it work, but at least a change to do some sightseeing. That's over now and it's going to be a long five days. Then... starting 19 Feb 2011 I am 110% on vacation! I'm heading to Uganda for more animals (including my friends the gorillas!) and scenery and peace and no work and , did I mention, no work?
13th February 2011

They are batik actually - dyes on waxy fabric. The artist rolled them up and said they be OK. They'll have creases, but he said you iron them on low heat between pieces of paper and they will be flat again.
12th February 2011

Purdy animals
Look at all the beautiful animal shots you got...wow! I want to travel again....NOW! I don't know if I can wait another year before I go somewhere. Ack!
12th February 2011

I just love what you bought...the woodwork is gorgeous. Are the other pieces paintings?
12th February 2011

Hey, Steph - Not stupid at all! I wondered the same thing, but alas, there is no wonderful coffee aroma
12th February 2011
Coffee Plantation

At the risk of sounding totally stupid, but does the coffee plantation smell like coffee? I've never actually seen a coffee plant in person and I've always been curious.
10th February 2011

Ha! They come in pairs! I would definately have tried them too...you always have to taste the local stuff, or, at least, I always do. I was the first person to order coy (ginea (?) pig) in Peru - everyone else was too leary. I had no problem, except being hungry not long afterwards...not much meat on those things! Looks like a great trip so far! Have fun!!
10th February 2011

I did try the ox testicle or "ox balls" as they called it! We saw it on the menu board and kept waiting for someone to bring it to the table. The Carvers kept coming by with everything else. We must have asked four different people before one guy took us seriously. A carver finally came and then tried to give us two pieces each ("they ususally come in pairs", he said), but we just wanted a bite. It wasn't bad - less chewy than the Rocky Mountain oyester I ate years ago. Not sure I'd go back for seconds, but we did try it! The waiters were impressed and said that not many women eat them. They clearly did not know who they were dealing with!!!
9th February 2011

Inquiring minds
The baby elephants are too cute!! And at $490 per night the giraffe had better do more than just stand at my window and beg for food. It better be singing and dancing too!! But the real question of the day is did you sample the piece ox testicle??
9th January 2011
Panoramic View of the Himalayas with Mt. Everest

Panoramic view of the himalayas with Mt Everest
Hi, That is a fantastic picture. I am publishing an eBook & would like to use your picture on one of the pages. Please advise if this is possible & cost for one-time use. Regards, Tony Green.
24th September 2010

Have fun
can't wait to see the pictures, hope the weather is nice!
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22nd September 2010

Glad to hear you're having a good trip. Not grabbed once in the Great Bazaar - that's kind of amazing. But were you offered apple tea?? And did you leave the white tissue and drink the water at the House of Mary?? I'll have to say Ephesus is pretty amazing - how much is left and how well preserved it is.
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28th December 2009

Loved reading your Tale
I am considering a move to Rwanda for 3 years - an education endeavor. So I am trying to read everything I can about the country. I do so appreciate reading of your stay. While I am not to be in Kigali (about an hour away), it still helped me begin to form a visual picture. My travels have been extensive but never to Africa (except for Egypt). Thanks for your entries. If you have advice or cautions please send to my email. Again, thank you. Sandy
8th December 2009

Thanks for your story, it was worth it I am sure. We are hoping to go to Rawanda in 2010 can you advise us which company you used, as we, like you are nervous sending money to an African bank.
19th November 2009

Gorilla Poop
Yes, I did got a photo of the gorilla poop! It will be prominently featured in the complete set of photos!
17th November 2009

gorilla poop
Did you get a picture of the gorilla poop??? Seriously, I am curious.
16th November 2009

Sorry that the gorilla trek wasn't all that you'd hoped it would be. But the few photos here are good and I really like the video - you can even hear the rain splatting on the leaves. I guess the hit or miss with the passes is the price you have to pay in order for the gorillas to get to live as much of a "natural" life as possible. Seeing them in the natural habitat for even 10 minutes is much better than seeing them stuck in a zoo.
12th November 2009

Can't wait for more pics!
Glad to hear you're settled in and doing well We're looking forward to pics from the gorilla safari!
9th November 2009

So Far, So Good
Glad to hear that you got hooked-up with a nice hotel room instead of the house w/critters. I'm sure you were relieved as well. You also have high-speed internet---nice!! Maybe you should buddy up with your co-worker/co-traveler--maybe she can get you in business class on the return trip:) Have fun exploring! Karyn
7th November 2009

Welcome again to Rwanda! I take it that all the groundwork previously labored over has proved to be rewarding! Congrats! I'll look forward to what you find for adventure (I know I won't be disappointed.... nobody can find the local 'happenings" like you! Enjoy your work there as well-- chat with you soon!
17th August 2009

Fruit Bats!
Hey, Mari - The fruit bats really freak me out with their squeaking and flapping and the way they hang upside down by the hundreds in the tress, just waiting to attack someone passing by. Yet, every morning now, I go 10 minutes out of my way to walk past them!
14th August 2009

Fruit Bats!
FRUIT BATS. Don't sleep with the window open unless you have a screen! How much do they weigh, like 20 pounds.?!!
10th August 2009

VERY COOL and abundant animal check off :) !!
Just amazing.... really pleased that you had this opportunity AND that you were able to see so many animals. The one thing that struck me was how one could really sit back and enjoy the beauty of these animals with the help of the guides and auto. The "tiger attack" photo made me laugh ..... but it was because before I could scroll down to the story.. I was wondering why you four were all looking like you were busting out laughing!!!! In case you get any ideas...PLLLEEASSSE do not bring home any monkeys... I dont care how cute those Vervet ones are and what tricks they can perform :) Another thing I learned (thanks Nancy for your comprehensive blogs) is that girraffe's have "grooming buddies" (oxpeckers)..... like sharks.... had NO idea!!! Great weekend Nancy and super photos-- thanks for sharing!!

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