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29th January 2014

As always, we look forward to each blog to follow your amazing and adventurous travels! Love the stories and pictures, all looks fabulous!
29th January 2014

Couple from England
Hi! I just read your blog and wondered whether the couple from England you met are actually my best friend Theresa and her partner David, who are staying at the Tropical Resort at the moment - have been following their trip on facebook. Maybe not, but then it is a very small world! Enjoy the rest of your trip! Rachel
29th January 2014

What a trip
The pictures are amazing! Had to laugh though, cause the river boat looks quite a bit like our river boat in Kaui!
29th January 2014

River Cruise
Yes it was quite similar!!
28th January 2014

Hello You Two Just love reading your blog Mallory. You are so adventurous!! What a beautiful part of the world. Should have taken you up on your offer to join. Keep the photos and narratives coming!
From Blog: Blog #3 Penang
29th January 2014

Glad you are enjoying the blog. You must be leaving soon for Palm Springs?
From Blog: Blog #3 Penang
26th January 2014

looking good
thanks for the posts and pics...looks amazing!!!!
From Blog: Blog #3 Penang
26th January 2014
The floating mosque

Wonderful Blog!
Hope you and Warren are having a fabulous time. Keep the commentary and pictures coming so we can feel like we're part of your adventure.
From Blog: Blog #3 Penang
24th January 2014
Half way up!

The road less traveled. Looks great
22nd January 2014

Singapore is expensive, isn't it and you wonder who is shopping at those miles of high end stores. As I've said in previous years, I love reading about your adventures and I look forward to every installment.
23rd January 2014

Hi Kim Yes Singapore is expensive but where we were it was cheap. Our hotel was $39!! The street food was also inexpensive. Food courts a little more. Where did you stay when you were there?
22nd January 2014

thanks for posting...amazing pics and commentary!!!
22nd January 2014

Your pictures are fabulous, Mal - what a colourful place! Glad you got your luggage! Have a wonderful trip.
14th May 2013
Tropical Plants and Flowers Everywhere

Like to Know
What is the name of the plant on the home page? I saw it in Florida an loved it.
18th February 2013

Sure enjoyed reading your blogs! I has been a wonderful vicarious vacation.
11th February 2013

Your description of CC is right on! You should right for the travel magazines. Say hi to Heather, we stayed there when we were Caye Caulker. Makes us want to go back. We are leaving beautiful Thailand headed for Mexico tomorrow.
31st January 2013

Oh, my goodness! Fantastic, absolutely fantastic! We are so envious : )
31st January 2013

Looks beautiful.
22nd January 2013

Thanks for all the updates. It is cold, cold, cold here so your warms the inners. Glad you two are having a good time. Your pictures are beautiful Mal. Take care and see you when we see you in February as you get ready for some more babies.
15th January 2013

Hi There I'm continuing to enjoy your trip vicariously! What an adventure. I'd love to try ziplining! OMG did you ever luck out in the room. Where are you staying now that the tour portion of your trip is over?
15th January 2013

Costa Rica
Hi Gladys We have been in Samara for a week just hanging out. I will send a blog soon. Take Care Mallory
12th January 2013

love it!!!
thanks again for sharing your adventure!!!

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