Erika's Guestbook

5th July 2005

Hey girl- I hope you enjoy your trip!! You will be in my prayers!! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing more great pictures!! Eb will miss you too! Take care girl! - Jamie
4th July 2005

Good Luck EBK ...
Hey Erika, I think its pretty cool that you have set this up. I look forward to hearing from you and all about your journeys. No matter where you go, what you're experiencing, how good or how bad your current situation may have you in ... remember that God is in control of your life and the circumstances of life. He will guide you, protect you. Remember that, and keep him close to all that you do. Even if we can't be there for you, He will be! I know you probably won't have much chance for internet connection and you may have limited time, but check out my website for updates on what's going on with us (if you are able). I'll have pictures and news up there once a month. Take care Erika. We'll be praying for you and we look forward to your return. Josh
3rd July 2005

Good luck!
You are awesome! I'm so glad you made the travel blog, so that we can keep up with how you are in Africa. I'm so excited by your pictures from Benin. Good luck and travel safe! ~ Akane
3rd July 2005

Hard Core, Peace Corps
Erika, You are beautiful and amazing and gorgeous. I love you so much. We will be with you in spirit in all that you do. Thats a nice shot of Eb, he is such a handsome dog. Have lots of fun, and remember; you're more than hard core, you're peace corps.
27th June 2005

I love this page erika! you have very exciting pictures. I hope that you can keep it updated with more great pictures from africa. I love you a lot erika beth! ~Lana

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