Second Trip to Lushan (H)

January 2nd 2011
Published: January 4th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

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The three us of us with our taxi driver/surprise companion! From left: Will, Rob, taxi driver, me.
Once again, I went to Lushan with a few friends hoping to hike along the Wu Lao Feng (Five Old Men Peaks) but we were thwarted, this time because it was closed due to the dry weather and the risk of starting a fire. Nonetheless, our taxi driver invited himself along with us on our trip (no joke, he took us to the start of the walk and then got out of the car and walked with us for the next 5 hours or so!). He was nice enough although he spoke no English, and after a frustrating morning where we found that every turn we took was costing us more and more money we decided to take his advice and hike this well known route nearby where there is a series of waterfalls cascading down a gorge face, called the Three Steps Waterfall. We managed to get over the protecting rails at one point to get right underneath one of them, as you can see from the video here. Amazing! Wu Lao Feng will have to wait until spring i think.

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We got under the rails to get right up underneath the first step of the waterfall - see the video!

The pool at the bottom of the waterfall

4th January 2011

Wow - that is epic! The water looks so clear!
4th August 2011

An upcoming adventure
Hi Sarah! I've just been reading through your blog, as I too will be making to move to Wuhan at the end of the month to teach at Jianghan. I think I see some familiar faces in your photos of some other Hendrix College alumni. Your blog is brutally honest (which is exactly what I need, before the imagination makes Wuhan into something it's not), while optimistic ... often a difficult combination! Thanks for posting! If you'll be around for this next term ... see you then! Julie

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