A guilty conscience in delightful Dalat.

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November 26th 2011
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I know nothing about motorbikes but for two years I have dreamt of buying one in one Asian country in order to tour throughout the whole of South East Asia on it. Three weeks ago my brother had a horrific bike accident back home in England and he is lucky to still have his legs let alone still be alive. My mother, my brother and my boyfriend have all asked that I not ride a bike for obvious reason... Read Full Entry

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25th November 2011

Hi, from Argentina
All your pictures tell a story. Excellent. Hugs from Argentina. Graciela.
26th November 2011

Fantastic experience
Just by looking at your excellent portraits, one can discern that you have connected with the people you've met on more than a superficial level. The privilege of entering, observing and withdrawing from cultures of other countries is the most remarkable aspect of travel. I say withdrawing rather than leaving as a part of you never truly leaves. "The world is beautiful, there is so much to learn..." shows that you have made the transition not only from a tourist to a traveller but from a traveller to an explorer. Keep dreaming, exploring and learning - the world is an amazing place.
26th November 2011

Great blog once again.
Love it, love it, love it.
27th November 2011

Reflections of one experiencing life's disparate journey...the lives of cultures far different from our own...enjoyed your reflective perspective...and the portraits...glad I have discovered you.
29th November 2011

With the greatest respect for your other blogs - this is your best yet - it is so marvellously honest, and full of life and colour.......makes me feel very humble to learn from you x x x
29th November 2011

It felt very humbling to read about your experiences, specially your comments about issues of faith. I felt great empathy and yes we have a lot to learn and I think that it is never ending...Great photos and so personal . Anabela xx
20th September 2012
Photo 103

Oooh. I think DancingDave might have a major competitor! You do amazing portrait photos!
21st December 2013
Photo 103

Great shot!
What can she possibly be thinking of while smoking?

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