Day 359 - Note to self: Never take an overnight train again

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June 26th 2007
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We wave farewell to the resort not exactly thrilled at the prospect of another overnight train. It was going to be our final use of public transport though, planes excepted, so that was good! The trains were delayed and for some reason our train, the 1pm S3 to Saigon, turned up before the 11am S1 to Saigon. Understandably plenty of people wanted to change from S1 to S3 but they weren’t allowed and were kept waiting for another few hours. We made our way to our compartment and found it was 3 beds on either side and with the other 4 beds being taken up by a family of 5 Vietnamese. They may well have been Chinese actually given their personal habits and general concern for those around them. Going into detail will just make us look very petty and probably a bit spoilt by our resort experience, so hopefully the following suffices. We had a battle with the light switch with the teenage boy who, after sleeping all day, decided to do his maths revision in the middle of the night under the compartment’s main fluorescent light. The Dad spoke at about 800 decibels when on his phone, even in the middle of the night, and he also kept lighting up cigarettes which meant we had to tap him on the shoulder and point at the No Smoking sign (bearable in a restaurant but not in a bedroom). And to cap it all the moron of a son managed to spill lemonade everywhere from his top bunk above Ed. This was at about 3am.


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