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June 29th 2012
Published: June 30th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Today was great. After my very late sleep time we didn't wake up until after 10:00am and it was great because everyone from the tour had now gone home and we didn't have anywhere to be.

So we chucked on the telly and watched 'Something Borrowed' before eventually dragging ourselves out of bed only to go and sit by the pool at the Hilton Hotel, seems we hadn't yesterday.

We got to the pool by just before midday. We paid our money to use it and sat by it for hours, it was really overcast so no real danger of getting too burnt. We were by the pool until just before 4:00pm when we decided to walk back to the hotel. It had cooled a little, still very hot but much more bearable.

We stopped at a few little shops on the way, got hassled by many to buy crap we didn't want or need and dodged countless scooters but made it back to the hotel in one piece.

We sat in the lobby for a bit so I called home on the wifi, then I went to shower and get ready to head put.

We stopped on the way for KFC for dinner. It was weird. Some of their meals come with rice and noodle soup! And they serve all the dine-in meals on ceramic plates with the drinks in glasses and with real cutlery.

After dinner we walked the 1.5kms to Finnegan's Irish Pub. it wasn't there.. Hrmm. So we jumped in a cab that cost us 60cents back to the backpackers bar from last night, because the drinks are cheap, the footy was on and it's full of Aussies.

We stayed enough time for me to have 3 vodka/cokes then walked down to the hair of the dog again but no one was there so we just jumped in a cab to go back to our hotel.

An early night to prepare us for another day hopefully by the Hilton Hotel pool tomorrow.


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