Photos from Malaysia, Asia - page 8

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Inside the tv tower
The other side of KL
Formidable structures
Inside the tv tower lobby
Kuala Lumpur
Uncle Albert...
Strand in Batu Ferringhi
Der Weg durch den Dschungel war extrem schweisstreibend
kurze Pause für einen "coffee to go" bei der mörderischen Minibusfahrt Richtung Penang
schöne Fassaden
die sind nicht nur schön geschmückt, sondern haben auch alle laute Musik
Die berühmten Rikschas
Holzschuhe gibt es hier alle handgemacht
wuseliger Nachtmarkt
What do you call a bunch of chickens playing hide-and-seek? - Fowl play
KL bird park- cassowary
Luke on the bridge
Georgetown food market
Liz and Luke on the bridge
A view from the bridge
The beach in front of our bungalow
Clown fish
Happy Rik-shaw driver
A city of foliage
car graveyard
Walking to dinner in the rain
Saskia, Pooh Bear, Gemian the Turtle and Beihai the Panda
Sand car getaway
The cool rock formations 4
The cool rock formations 3
The cool rock formations 2
The cool rock formations
Our spot on the beach
The rain clouds passing
Flight from Kuala Terranganu to KL 2
Flight from Kuala Terranganu to KL
Happy dinnertime faces
BBQ indoors
Catching up on the diary
What pretty dresses
Watching the sun set G&T's in hand
G & T hour
You can't shutter that view
Speedboat to Pulau Kapas
The arch bridge of the Towers
Stunning views
Mist obscures the top of the Petronas towers
Turquoise waters...
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