Photos from Malaysia, Asia - page 8

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Drinking Dragon Fruit juice
St Paul's Church
St Paul's Church
The fort wall at the base of St Paul's Church
Melakka at night
Melakka Locals
Cla, Wei Ching, Fe
View of the Needle
View of Towers from Eric's
Perhentian Islands (Besar)
En route to Perhentian islands
Photo 7
Pinnacles hike
Photo 131
Photo 130
Photo 123
Photo 104
Photo 99
Photo 93
Photo 92
Photo 91
Photo 90
Photo 89
Photo 86
Photo 84
Lion dance at LCCT
Night market in China town
Flowers in China town
Inside a shopping center
Buying candy and jam
Chinese traditional dresses
A pan-cake shop in China town
Cats and tigers
Colorful lanterns
A restaurant in China town
Happy couples
Lanterns at a shop
A shop in China town
The Twin Towers at night
Flower shop in China town
Lion dance at LCCT
Tiger faces
A shop in China town
A shop in China town
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