Photos from Sarawak, Malaysia, Asia - page 2

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Above Belaga
Two bottom half's of a dragon taking a breather!
Bario valley and wet paddy seen from the air
A winding river in the Rainforest
The amazing skies shortly before a storm on the track out of Bario
Some Kelabit children on the steps of a barn near some wet paddy
The inside of the Longhouse
Iban man mending a fishing net
Iban children playing in the river
Iban children playing in the river
Iban children playing in the river
Old Iban man making a basket
The three Amigo's!
The Chief in his hammock
Iban lady weaving rattan
Asleep in a hammock
Inside the longhouse
The jungle
a Pit Snake
The wide, beautifuly unspoilt beach on which we stayed
The gorgeous beach we treked to on our last day
Craking sunset
Mud Skippers
Just like a young punk! The Silver Leaf Monkey
The semi carniverous Pitcher Plant. How I wanted to nudge those ants in!
the view out over the South China Sea from one of the treks
Green Pit Viper up close and dangerous
Proboscis eating
Proboscis Monkey leaping
weird monkey again
Great View
Hole in a Cave
Crab Balls
Little boy at the Iban Longhouse
The Pinnacles
the biggest cave in the world?
prickly insect
the Bearded Pig
what are you looking at?
coming out to play
cool dragonfly
the danger of coconuts
Deer Cave
all dressed up and nowhere to go
bats flying in formation
ants fighting
Peper drogen
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