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March 13th 2007
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It was an early start on Tuesday and Erica was the first to use the bathroom where she found Nigel in his normal hiding place, only today he was feeling more adventurous as he decided to venture into our room where he hide under Erica’s backpack.

We caught a boat to take us to the tour operator’s office, one and a half hours down the river. The scenery was amazing and we saw buffalos drinking from the river as well as lots of colourful birds.

We then caught a minibus to the train station where we were catching the jungle train. Yes a train that travels through the jungle. Erica and Rich thought that it would be some old steam train, despite us being in the 21st Century but it turned out to be a normal modern train, I had to laugh.

Whilst we were waiting we got talking to a man who lives in Butterworth and works in Penang. His family originates from China but he has spent his entire life in Malaysia. He was lovely and spoke excellent English. Although none of us were sure why he was there as he wasn’t catching a train not was he waiting for anyone.

You couldn’t see much of the jungle as the trees blocked the view but when there was a clearing such as when it crossed the river the view was fantastic.

At tea time we visited the café carriage, to discover there was no food left, just crisps which we did not want, nor were there any chilled drinks so we opted for a cup of tea which did nothing to cool us down.

We arrived in Kota Bharu around 9pm and we were starving, we had seen a McDonalds and Rich made the call. Quick service and we were guaranteed to like it.

We then visited the night market which was pants, two rows of stalls which all sold the same crap.


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