Photos from Japan, Asia - page 6

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Last of the red leaves
It's also the land of the setting sun
View over Shinjuku
Frozen buds of November
Yutaki Falls
Ryuzu Falls
Lake Yunoko to Lake Chuzenji
Winter Berries
Snow covered tree's
Jetty on Lake Chuzenji
Lake Chuzenji in low cloud
It's snowing
Lake Yunoko
Start of our walk
Turn left & look up the hill
Fuji at Dusk
Our just reward
Streets paved with gold
10,000 arched pathway
A young Maiko
A Kyoto second
Flower Towns of Gion
Bell tower
The Geisha
Living dolls
Prayer Wheels
Mother nature's firework display
The red five storey Pagoda
Dusky torii
The red torii
Yet more BLOODY steps
Staff of a Pilgrim
Full moon bridge
Beautiful strolling gardens
The real Madam Butterfly
Cute Deer
The twisted dome
Blue sky, red, yellow & green leaves
A hotel room with a view
A-Bomb Dome Hiroshima
The Power of Life Over Destruction
Kim Playing with a Ballonfish
Green tea Kit-kat
red moon
Imperial Palace Building
golden pavillion garden
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