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March 11th 2007
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Brick: Life is tough in Bali. The places we stay don't have great showers so every morning we have to get up and swim in the warm ocean. There's no TV or internet so each day we have to make do and just lie around in the sun reading books, eating, drinking, yarning to other travelers...and then the next day just repeat it all again...its tough.

So we arrive at Bali airport after an announcement on the plane that importation of drugs will result in your death (welcome to our country!) and we both get stung paying some porters $5 to carry our bags the grand total of 15 meters from the bag carousel to the airport entrance! argg!

We stayed at a hotel on Kuta Beach - quite a nice place with a pool (see photo) only costing NZ$12 a night. We signed up for surf school straight away and the next day had our surfing lesson at the beach. Both of us had long boards which were about the size of a small boat so it wasn't long before we were standing and surfing the waves of Bali.
"Hang 10" I yell to Jen
"Its double overhead man!" she yells back to me
The surfers in us had emerged.

We explored abit more of the area, getting some great seafood for dinner, playing pool, visiting the memorial to the Bali bombing and of course a night on the town! There were two main clubs 'Bounty' and 'Paddy's' - both packed with hundreds of people (mostly auzzies) - a goood night out.

As we had taken to surfing so keenly we decided to follow the advice of Stumpy and a few other people and head to DreamLand Beach - at the very south of Bali.
This place is amazing (see photo). Huts scattered along the beach, not too many people, good surf. We hung out with afew of the others in the huts around us; Mattie (Canadian), Stephan (Holland), Viking (Norway).

After thinking we were professional surfers from our great debut at Kuta beach we head out with a few new friends for a surf at a different beach - things looked ok to begin with - until we drifted towards the rocks and got smashed by the biggest wave ever - owwwwe i could hear the crowds say (there were no crowds) - a quick lesson was just taught to both of us by the sea gods - thanks Neptune. We converted to body surfing after that!

We spent 4 days in DreamLand, only moving in a perimeter of a couple of hundred meters - eating, swimming, surfing, reading, sleeping....absolute bliss.

Our time was up and we were on the move to the crazy island of Java....

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