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Devi Tempel Varkala
street in Varkala
our wonderful balcony @Mango Villa
fabulous Mango Villa in Varkala
just arrived @Mango Villa in Varkala
security concept of the train station in Kollam
Nina at the train station in Kollam
Sun Temple 2
Sun Temple 1
Sun Tempe 3
Ranini Vav 4
Ranini Vav 3
Raanini Vav 2
in the 3rd class sleeper train from Coimbatore to Kollam
on the toy train from Ooty to Mettupalayam
crossing bridges was always a "strange" feeling
riding the toy train
our steam engine
the train making his way down the mountain
making our way towards Mettupalayam
more tea plantations
train station in Coonoor
train station in Coonoor
the scenery was changing constantly
villages in the Nilgiris
in the Nilgiris
scenery on the way to Coonoor
leaving Ooty with the toy train
Markus on the toy train
standing in line for the last free seats
Ooty train station
lovely colonial style bookshop at the train station in Ooty
the toy train arriving in Ooty
why cooling the fish?
Ooty streets
view over Ooty from a pretty nice cafe
it is sugar cane season in Ooty
streetlife in Ooty
the famous racecourse
Mount View Hotel in Ooty
lovely village in the Nilgiris
driving up hairspins to Ooty
wonderful Nilgiris
landscape around Mysore
on the bus from Mysore to Ooty
a toilet "highlight" in a bus station
Palace main gate
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