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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Juhu January 24th 2014

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune » Bhimashankar January 13th 2014

Arrived in Pune after a going away party in Chennai. I missed them so much. I think it has taken me quite a while to warm up to Pune because I was so sad about leaving Chennai. I had friends there, a family if you will. All the staff, and all the US members... we had a happy banter. Arrived in Pune and everything was gone. No more friends, no huge family dinners every night like before. The staff at this new hotel in Pune is so large that "making friends" like I did with Pavan and Sunil is next to impossible. It took me a while to feel comfortable walking around alone, usually James or Chelsea would walk with me in Chennai. Today I tried my best to break the biases I have against Pune. ... read more
Zara and Mama
Carlos y Still Matt

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Aurangabad December 22nd 2013

The World Heritage, Ajanta and Ellora Caves are real treasurers of India back to 200 BC. Ajanta reflects the Buddist believes and Ellora Budist, Hindu and Jainism. Ellora carved between 350-700 AC. For us the Kailasa Temple is the best. Carved in a monoblock rock. It almost took a century to be finished. We traveled these two sites in two days staying at Government Guest House at Aurangabad. For Ajanta Caves we took a tour from our guest house which lasted whole day. For Ellora we hired a taxi and with the same taxi we reached to Manmad for the train to N. Delhi . Both sides were extremely crowded by the students and local visitors. Kailasa Temple at Ellora may deserve to be in the seven wonders of the World. See you soon for Golden ... read more
Ajanta CAVES
Ajanta CAVES
Ajanta CAVES

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai November 11th 2013

Made my first trip to India in September. I was admittedly a little bit nervous, having heard all of the catch phrases related to travel in India; sensory overload, in your face, overwhelming, depressing, etc. I visited Mumbai, Dehradun, New Delhi, and Bagalore. I don't know that I have the time to go through each city in detail but overall, I absolutely loved it. And because most of my travel is a mix of business and pleasure I don't always have time to see all of the touristy spots. It may sound strange but India reminded me Brazil in many ways. I don't know how many times I have been to Brazil but I think having so much experience there unknowingly prepared me for India. MUMBAI: I compare this city to Rio de Janiero (minus Copacabana ... read more
Jaypee Residency
Sunset at The Jaypee

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Colaba November 6th 2013

Last night myself and four friends set off on the Mumbai by night tour, an insight into life after dark in this fascinating city. The tour itself only lasted two and a half hours but in that time I saw so many sights, some wonderful and some shocking. After catching the train to Colaba, we were greeted by our friendly tour guide who explained to us where we would be going that evening. Our first stop was Chowpatty beach, one of Mumbai's most famous beaches. It is located on Marine drive, a beautiful lit up boulevard which stretches all along the bay. Despite the fact that it was dark at this point, the beach was completely packed with families playing games, eating and building sandcastles. The place was so full of life and excitement, much like ... read more
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Me and the girlies at the hanging gardens, overlooking Marine Drive and Chowpatty Beach


Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune November 1st 2013

So I went to India. Again. I didn’t mean to. It just kind of, happened. Quite spontaneously a friend of mine mentioned that he was going home to Pune, for Diwali festivities and asked whether I would like to join (I assumed it was a rhetorical question and my flight was booked a few days later). Whilst this may have been my first trip to the ‘motherland’ in many ways it was my first. It was the first time that I loved it instantly and ongoingly and let myself be taken by its breathtaking beauty, it’s the first time I stayed with an Indian family and travelled with a local, it’s the first time I allowed myself to indulge in guilt free feasting all fortnight, it’s the first time I engaged my linguistic capabilities to learn ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Colaba October 25th 2013

On Tuesday we went to visit Elephanta Island. It is an island in Mumbai harbour, roughly 9km off the coast, known famously for it's rock - cut cave temples. The carvings and sculptures in the caves were very impressive, although many have begun to crack and bits have fallen off. There wasn't very much information on the island with regards to the history behind these caves, but I have since read that it's thought they were made between 450 and 750 AD. Sadly there are no elephants on Elephanta Island (that I'm aware of!), it was given it's name by the Portugese, who discovered a large elephant sculpture at the entrance, which has since collapsed. The island itself is beautiful, covered in trees and is very peaceful. We saw lots of monkeys with babies which were ... read more
Gateway of India
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Leopolds cafe

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai October 20th 2013

My work here so far has included dancing on a popular television show, Big Boss, which is similar to Big Brother. It is a fantastic opportunity, as we get to appear on national television and dance alongside the host, Bollywood star Salman Khan. The choreography is really fun and we always wear bright, colourful costumes. So far I have appeared in five episodes of Big Boss and thoroughly enjoyed it. The set itself is located in a town called Lonavala, which is in the mountains and roughly a three hour drive from Andheri. It's such a beautiful place, and even though the journey there is so long, it never bothers me because the views along the way are spectacular. Just driving through Mumbai itself is fascinating, it's a vast expanse of shanty towns and modern skyscrapers ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai October 5th 2013

I have now been in Mumbai two weeks and feel it is time to start writing my blog. The main reason I have not written here earlier is because I have felt too overwhelmed by this incredible city to even begin to describe it, however I will now try as best I can. My first few days in Mumbai were overwhelming to say the least and now seem a bit of a blur. This place is so different to anywhere I have been before. As I stepped out of the airport the two main things that hit me were the heat (obviously!) and the noise of hundreds of car engines and horns- at first I thought that this raucous must have meant that there was some sort of accident or demonstration happening, I now realise that ... read more
Juhu beach
Driving around Andheri
Rickshaw driver

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai August 25th 2013

Once we had finished our tour of the caves in the Aurangabad area, it was time to head back to Mumbai. We don’t normally like to head back to somewhere we have already been, however the trains heading into and out of Mumbai were more frequent and therefore it just made more logistical sense to do it this way. Our train into Mumbai would take us back to good old CST where we first entered Mumbai on the previous journey, so at least we knew our way round and where to get ourselves in a Pre-paid Taxi. Last time we did this we got charged well over the odds to drive us round the corner, so we were prepared for a hefty fare as this time we were heading north close to Mumbai Central train station ... read more
One of the more random things we have found in our hotel wardrobe
Seemed like a nice place until we read the last 'benefit'
Apparently it's OK to write over peoples clothes when youve put them in the wash...

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