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December 3rd 2009
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i stirred from my slumber. barely awake, my half-opened eyes strained to read the time off my watch. five minutes to midnight. in my groggy state of mind, my brain took a while to register the implication. then, my eyes widened. fcuk. i had a train to catch at 12.25 a.m. and the train station was at least 15 minutes away by auto-rickshaw (the indian equivalent of tuk tuk in thailand). to make ... Read Full Entry

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29th December 2009

Good one
You know what ...the most interesting part of your blog was the fact that those touts knew everything about you...this is so real true about Khajuraho and other small tourist places in India...I remember my khajuraho trip...gosh...crazy touts... Cheers.......
29th December 2009

That is a very nice blog - I could totally relate to it having overslept and been on the brink of missing trains myself. Hoping you'd add more about your exp at Khajuraho. Never been there myself, quite curious about it.

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