Photos from Georgia, Asia - page 8

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Nodarie wearing his Malta shirt we gave him and Aaron wearing his Georgian shirt that our family gave him
Nodarie and his horse
Nana picking grapes
Making wine
Lots of corn
Black grapes
Apples galore from our families backyard
All grown by our family
Drying the corn for animal food
A hard days work!
Driving out to the vinyard
A day of grape picking
Filling up my bucket
Dried apples
Filling the trailer ready for the house to cart home
Cutting the grapes off the vines
Even the horse is getting into the grapes
Black grapes in our families garden
Even Barbuska is invloved
Election day in Georgia, we are wearing our shirts
Picking grapes
Our host mother, Nana
Our host grandfather and father making wine
On the top of our house
Nuts ready for tutchela
Look at these grapes
Levani working hard
Levani in the wine cellar!
Grapes ready to be picked
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Tbilisi 045
Tbilisi 044
Tbilisi 043
Tbilisi 042
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Tbilisi 038
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Tbilisi 036
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