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June 20th 2007
Published: June 20th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

On our way out of the apartment, Wesley and I noticed some branches outside of our neighbors' front door. I asked Wes if he knew what they were for but was met with only a blank stare. I'm not one to be overly superstitious, but I got a little worried. These branches somehow reminded me of the Biblical story about the passover. Either we put some mystical markings outside our house or evil spirits will come and haunt us till days end.

Right as we entered the classroom, our teacher started talking about a special type of branch called "Ai Hao" that is placed outside of people's houses during Duan Wu Jie. So it's true. These branches do serve special purposes, and that's to ward off bad luck. Oh well, I guess I can get some next year if I'm still in China. Happy Duan Wu everybody!


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