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Planning and Preparation

Trip Styles (continued)

In reality most trips will be combinations of the styles listed below.

Adventure Travel.
Hiking, climbing, cannoning, bungee jumping, skydiving - progressively getting more scary or more exciting? - depends on your point of view. Adventure travel is not just for the adrenalin junky, any trip where the focus is on the outdoors can classified here. Various destinations are ideal for different types of adventure travel : New Zealand, perfect for hiking and climbing, also popularized the bungee jump. The Caribbean is for scuba diving, while the National parks in the US will allow you to visit vast tracts of wilderness, and see no one for days. Explore the jungles of South East Asia. Be adventurous, have fun, but keep safe. (See notes on insurance.)

Turn on, Tune In, Drop Out.
Life too stressful ? Drop out. Go on the hippy trail. Find the finest in the world and spend a very relaxed and mellow time in any of the world's retreats. A popular tour, but you don't have to involve drugs to have an amazingly relaxed trip. Three weeks in a hammock in a place like Fiji will also do it. Feel the weight of the world drop from your shoulders and chill out, when the most stressful event of the day is being on the losing beach volleyball team. There are serious disadvantages to taking the hippy trail, especially since there are very few places in the world where drugs are legal, not to mention the penalties in some countries for mere possession.

The Travel Professional.
There are a chosen few, one in every generation, who are able to turn a passion into a lifestyle and a career. They do it in different ways here are some ideas:

Teach English as a Foreign Language : advantages include worldwide demand, reasonable wages and the ability to interact with people continuously. Disadvantages: requires study and a qualification, easy to get stuck in one place, no career progression.
Scuba diving/water sports instructor: demand is growing for qualified scuba dive instructors, as well as for other water sports, in lots of interesting places around the world.

The Exchange.
Take 6 months, work or study in a different part of the world. Advantages are that you have a support group, will meet people in the same situation, and not lose time on any life plan.

The Charity Trip.
Want to help people ? Then join the peace corps or VSO, get a low-paid job working for an overseas based charity such as Oxfam. However, beware. If you are required to pay the charity in order to help them (beyond flights) then you are not needed, it's your money that they need. If they just need/want your money then be prepared for a less than fulfilling experience.

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