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Traveling alone in Ireland

Recommendations of hostels, places to go/not go, where to find the craic...?
7 years ago, February 21st 2008 No: 1 Msg: #28068  
I'm going to Ireland pretty soon, and although I'm going by myself, I'm meeting up with a friend over there for the few days I'll be in Cork. However, I'm also going to Limerick and Dublin for a couple days, and I'm not traveling with anyone there. I have the Lonely Planet guide to Ireland, but I tend to not trust guide books. So, I was hoping someone had any suggestions as to
- what hostels are good/clean/safe/have storage opportunities (lockers for backpacks) in Limerick and Dublin... I'm looking for places close to the city centre, since I want to walk as many places as possible.
- What areas of Limerick and Dublin should I not venture into alone? Which areas are less safe?
- Is pickpocketing a concern?
- Anything in particular I should do/see/eat while in Limerick or Dublin? (I'm especially looking for pubs with open sessions, as I'm a flute player.) Which pubs have the best sessions? (I've checked thesession.org, but I realise not all sessions are listed there.)
- What are some Gaelic phrases I should know (or at least recognise on sight)? Reply to this

7 years ago, February 21st 2008 No: 2 Msg: #28131  
I can't tell you about Limerick but have some recommendations for Dublin. A girl I know stayed in barnacles hostel in temple bar. She said it was great, safe and, of course, it's central. It might be a bit noisy but should be safe. No idea whether they have lockers, etc - you need to mail them. Some more from my Dublin guide
Insiders guide to hidden Dublin
"Dublin can be quite expensive but cheaper accommodation is also available. As well as Jury's Inns mentioned below, try Kinlay House on Lord Edward Street (beside ChristChurch Cathedral), The Oliver St. John Gogarty at Anglesea Street (Temple Bar) offers good value (23 Euro each for Dorm in high season) and a central location. If you need a clean, good value hostel-style bed, then Isaacs is highly recommended. Ideally situated beside Busarus (main bus station) and only 5 minutes walk from Amiens Street/Connolly station, 10 minutes to O'Connell Street, a double room is about 35 euro. The food is good and there is evening entertainment for a small cover charge. A useful site for tips and info is:"

You will also find info on music and sessions in the "Music" section of the site. You won't need any Gaelic/Irish phrases in Dublin or Limerick city - a useful one is "Go raibh maith agat" = thanks to you, pronounced "go rev ma(th) agut".
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7 years ago, February 22nd 2008 No: 3 Msg: #28182  
Hello Ingridrt 😊

This is the hostel I stay in when I am in Dublin, mostly because of its location. It is within 5 minutes of both OConnell and Grafton Street.
I find it clean and safe. I cant remember if it has lockers for backpacks because I never put mine in one. There are certainly lockers big enough for moneybelts.

I would go to any area in Dublin alone during daylight hours. But yes pickpocketing is a big concern. Keep your valuables in a moneybelt rather than a shoulder bag and keep camreas etc out of site if possible. At night I would not venture north of the river. Some areas north of the city are safe enough but one would have to know Dublin well to pick and choose those. Better to avoid the North when u are visitor.
South of the river is safe as far a Christ Church and the four Courts. Best not to go further at night. Stay well clear of the Liberties at night.
Area like Grafton Streen, Stephens Green and Temple Bar are safe at night. But still beware of pickpockets.

In Dublin be sure to hang out at Bewley Cafe on Grafton Street. Everybody who lives in and vists Dublin hangs out there.
One of may favourite places is the Irish Film Centre in Temple Bar. If u are not into Blockbuster movies and prefer something more alternative then there will be some for u to choose from there. If u are not into alternative movies it is worth hanging out in the Bohemian athmosphere there because they serve good cafe style food and there is a bar and cafe.
Also visit the Dome Cafe in the Stephens Green shopping centre. They have good views of Stephens Green.
To experience a real Dublin market atmosphere go to the Moore Street fruit and vegetable market.
These are my favourite hang outs. Of course there are lots more in Dublin.

I dont know much about where u can play music because I dont play any.

U dont need to know any Irish phrases. Signs etc are in both Irish and English. Besides Irish is a second language for us which many are resentful that they had to spend time learning at school when they could have studied another European language instead which would give them more opportunities in Europe.


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7 years ago, February 26th 2008 No: 4 Msg: #28609  
Hey Indgridrt, I would recomend buying Jesse Lear's E-book at dublinsecrets.com. He lived in Dublin for four months and learned the best places to visit that most guidebooks don't mention. While you're at his site you can sign up for his e-letter to get free tips and tidbits about Ireland. Have fun traveling! Reply to this

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