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FOUND - Geoff Tayner - Panama/Colombia - 19th Nov 2007

Geoff Tayner, 23 missing since 11/19/2007; last contact Colon, Panama.
12 years ago, December 1st 2007 No: 1 Msg: #23430  
Geoff was found safe on the 6th December (Administration)

Just taking a shot in the dark but trying to post as much info as possible to get some information. Please help if you can. Thanks.


I work with Geoff Tayner's (gatogato) father in Iowa and they have been unable to contact him for quite a few days now. I was wondering if you had anymore info than we have right now. It seems that it has been over 12 days since the last contact and he was to be taking a ship to Columbia. Do you think you could ask around and maybe find out some info? His parents are pretty worried.

We are hoping he is fine and just doesn't have access to internet. Please let us know if you have any info. Thank you.

This came from the Embassy in Panama today 11/30/2007:

There are no shipping manifests, but we do have a copy of the request for permission from the immigration office in Colon for the captain of the boat to take individuals from Colon to Turbo, via Puerto Obaldia. The captain of the boat is named Tomas Martinez, and he ferried the following persons from Colon to Colombia:

Rudolf Koppelman, German, passport
Rosa Vargas, Colombian, passport
Lisa Nosted, Portugese, passport
Geoff Tayner, Canadian, passport = our friend that is missing

We received information from Inspector Cummings of the Colon immigration office today that the boat stopped off in El Porvenir, Panama, en route to Turbo, Colombia instead of stopping over at Puerto Obaldia.

If anyone knows how to get a hold of the captain, or any of the individuals on the boat above, any information provided would be greatly appreciated.


Links to sites regarding our search:
Click here
Click here 2
Click here 3
Geoff's Travel Blog
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12 years ago, December 3rd 2007 No: 2 Msg: #23547  
This was just sent to us a few minutes ago from the Embassy in Panama. Again, if anyone has any more info please email lisamarie1225@yahoo.com. Thanks.

The captain's name is Thomas Martinez, the boat's name is M/N Lya Del Mar, and it is a Panamanian flagged boat.

Inspector Cummings said today that the boat has not returned to Colon. He has put out a bulletin to all area immigration offices to be on the lookout for this boat and its captain so that he can question the captain about the boat's whereabouts over the past several weeks (and to inquire about Geoffrey's welfare and whereabouts).

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12 years ago, December 5th 2007 No: 3 Msg: #23701  
I received this email today:

We have confirmation (almost 100%) that Geoff is currently in route from a small island into port. We are not for sure when he will be arriving but he will be told, when he arrives, to contact his family.

We will update for sure to confirm 100% that he is safe and what his plans are for the rest of the trip (or if he will be going home), after we get the phone call, but until then, Geoff's family would like to thank EVERYONE for their support and help in locating him. We couldn't have asked for a more caring and great group of people than who we have had helping us with ideas, support and information along the way.

Thank you and have safe travels,

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12 years ago, December 9th 2007 No: 4 Msg: #23896  
Here is Geoff's entry on the advrider site on December 6. FYI, it is post number 161 on page 11.

Hey Guys, I´m alive and well sorry for any trouble I caused and I appreciate your eff
Hey guys, I made it to Turbo, Columbia yesterday and to my surprise there were about 20 military guards, and about 100 suspicious looking people to welcome me at the dock. It was not a place where you wanted to draw attention(Turbo is full of sketchy looking people)!. I am 23 and before leaving Colon I talked to my mom on the phone telling her not to worry if I didn´t call for a couple weeks and not to contact the embassy (she has a history of crazyiness). She did this to me in Australia when I didn´t call for 5 days.

My trip accross the Darien has been a very crazy one and it has involved every type of sea transpotation for motorcycles. I will make a thread with the story and pictures later. I would definitely go with Mark on the Melody in Portobello for $550 if I could do it again. I do not regret my experience however. It was headache after headache but with great moments in between that very few people in the world will ever see. It is an experience that I will never forget.

I travel on the cheap side partially because I do not have a lot of money, but mainly because I am a cheap bastard! I do have a good sense for danger down here though and will not camp in a place where I do not feel secure. The story that Salcar posted about sleeping in the back of a truck bed at a gas station in Nicaragua is true, but it was behind a gas station where I had a view of the perimiter and an escape route into the woods planned out. The danger down here is a big motivation for my traveling, but I do not take risks ´that I feel are unnecessary´ and I have every intent to return alive and well.

I appreciate that my parents care about me, but feel that they were way out of line her in their actions here. I did make numerous attempts to contact them including hiking 2.5 miles through the jungle from Sapzurro to Capurgana (only to find out that the internet shop and phone shop were closed). I tried calling them from a couple of the locals phones in Sapzurro but there was not international service. Not speaking Spanish, being very sick for a few days, and my boots falling apart also played a part. It is funny that in a port tourist town of 250 people there was not one half decent English speaker. I can not criticize the police in Columbia enough. They are reluctant to go out of their way to help someone unless it involves them receiving something in return.

Anyway, I know that some will bash me here and that is fine. Everyone has their own opinion on how to do something.
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11 years ago, April 9th 2008 No: 5 Msg: #32167  
B Posts: 4
parents eh can't live with them can't live without them I am going traveling for the 1st time soon on an around the world trip I hope nothing like that happens to me! 😊 Reply to this

11 years ago, December 15th 2008 No: 6 Msg: #57506  
dude i thought i was crazy!! geesh!! what fun and adventure you are having!! ive been to bogota,cartenena,and am going to medellin in a month...i would love to go out into the wild places you are at..but im solo cause my friends are pussys and i dont speak spanish so i plan on staying in the main cities...wish i had a buddy like you to pull my arm!!!! Reply to this

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