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Help needed!

Need help on departure lounges, visa, Jerudong Park, Things to see and do!
15 years ago, November 26th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #23132  
Stopping over in Brunei for the first time - arrive 6:30am and depart 11pm later that day. Need to know if we need a visa to enter the country, if we choose to leave the airport. Also - was advised to visit Jerudong Park, looked at the website and figured this would be a good idea, for later that night - as they only open at 5pm according to site. Have since been informed that the Park is all but closed and doesn't open until 8pm :OS Any suggestions?

Are the airport lounges that we can pay to use or are they only for Business Class?

Also...can anyone suggest places to see, things to do and somewhere to eat that will fill in about 15 hours.

Any help or advice most appreciated. Reply to this

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