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route suggestion: beijing to hongkong in 36 days

what to do after beijing and xian? wuhan? yunnan? suchuan?
15 years ago, November 18th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #22739  
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Hi everybody

I have been in Beijing for 5 days. (lots to see, amazing food but very cold)
Tomorrow I am going to travel to Tai'an to climb the Tai Shan Mountain.
After that I think I will go to Zhengzhou for a bus trip to the "Shaolin Temple" and then to Luoyang for the "Longmen Caves" fllowed by a train to Xi'an (Terracotta Army;Tomb of Emperor Jingdi;and some kebab).

After Xi'an I only have some ideas but no fixed route:
  • Sichuan(Pandas in Chengdu, climb Emei Shan, THE Buddha in Leshan)
  • Yangshou/Guilin
  • Yangzi River/Three Gorges
  • Wuhan (I am interested in internal Kung Fu, maybe I will find a school to practice a few days)
  • Guangxi region (Li river-Cruise from Guilin, rice terraces, Yangshuo landscape)
  • Yunnan region (Hiking at Tiger Leaping Gorge, Stone Forest near Kunming)

I have a flight from HongKong back to Zurich at 24.Dec. which means I have to be there(Hongkong) at the 20th to see something from the city.

What do you think of my ideas? What do I miss?

I have the budget to travel with domestic airplanes to safe time. But it is clear that I can't do everything because my time is limited. So what do you think are good itineraries for me?

Did I miss Kaifeng and Qufo on my way to Shaolin? I heard there is a good night-market in Kaifeng.

If someone wants to join me travelling: you are welcomed.
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15 years ago, November 29th 2007 No: 2 Msg: #23305  
Hey Sebastian,

Your itinerary sounds great - we're just finishing up in China and it's been amazing. We also fitted in Tibet - just a thought - easy to arrange from Chengdu... it was cold there last week though, so if you're going bring a jumper! Also: the internal flights are great in China, really good value at the moment as well (make sure to check for discounts - and don't be too afraid to book them the day/night before going) but it is good to try the train, just for the experience, if you get a chance.

Enjoy yourself!

Take care. Reply to this

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