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Sustainable Travel

We are wondering how to keep the travel bug fed without having to come back to the states every 6-12 months to make money.
18 years ago, May 3rd 2005 No: 1 Msg: #1749  
We are wondering how to keep the travel bug fed without having to come back to the states every 6-12 months to make money. We've talked about writing, photography, trip leading, consulting (I do team building and business consulting) and she has her degree in microfinance. Tips and stories would be great!!!! Reply to this

18 years ago, May 5th 2005 No: 2 Msg: #1756  
B Posts: 5,200
I think you've posted one of the toughest questions on the forum.

The simple answer is that sometimes opportunities just come up - for others it involves a lot of work and a plan.

I met many people that made a living away from home - but nowhere near the levels that could be found back in the cities they came from.

Things they did: taught english as a foriegn language, dive instructor, tour guides. I never personally met any travel journalists or photographers making a living from it.
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18 years ago, June 2nd 2005 No: 3 Msg: #1934  
We are earning a massive amount of money in London. The UK provides an excellent way to earn money! We have gotten jobs that are better than the ones we had at home and we are earning money that converts back to massive amounts in any currency. This means that we can live here, travel on weekends and public holidays and take months off to travel around europe.


Plus the best part is when we go home in two years time we will be able to have saved enough to start afresh with a deposit for a home! Reply to this

18 years ago, June 22nd 2005 No: 4 Msg: #2047  
Sounds excellent !!
... any openings for that job ?? Reply to this

18 years ago, July 27th 2005 No: 5 Msg: #2327  
The internet seems to be the answer for many people that want to be able to earn money any where. I have been working on a travel related website, that is not really making money yet, but is taking in a few bucks per month from google adsense. I can see adsense making enough to pay the rent on a decent apartment in the DR in the near future.

That will allow me to live thee and devote more time to the website which may lead to making some money eventually.

Starting out I have done some "trade". One hotel in Boca Chica allows me to stay there 2 nights per month gratis in exchange for my help promoting their hotel. I have a similar deal with a Hotel in santo Domingo. I plan on trying similar deals with hotels in different parts of the country so traveling around the Island will be easier.

I may also approach restarants with similar deals. That way I can "afford" to go out to eat a few times per month in nice restaurants. . . . .

For now I need to travel back to the US to make money. . . . .to travel back to the Dominican Republic. . . . .vicious cycle but it has been fun and interesting. Reply to this

18 years ago, July 30th 2005 No: 6 Msg: #2363  
N Posts: 23
TRAVELSAPIEN can tell you that sustainable travel is best served IF you actually are in the business. As to writing stories and journals and/or blogging your particular venture the fact is, although highly interesting, the ability to earn enough money in that fashion is rare. I BLOG to expose my expertise. I am not shy about it. If I was to do it over again the fact is I probably would not change much. Most every other profession, although allowing you to travel a lot depending on your income level, it can never allow you to travel constantly and with diversity it seems you are looking for. Fact is being born rich may be the only way out for you.
Trust that gives you a slice of the pie. (lol) Reply to this

18 years ago, July 30th 2005 No: 7 Msg: #2364  
N Posts: 23
TRAVELSAPIEN noticed the post that suggests the folks are earning SO MUCH money in London they have time to travel, enjoy weekends, and take many months off to travel at leisure. Hmmmmm
Are you Charles and that "other woman" (lol)
It would be interesting to post "what" makes you so much money. Only selling contraband, or black market goods could do that methinks. Of course "so much" money is personal. TRAVELSAPIEN has made googles of money over the years but next to a few people on the Fortune 500 it is pale in comparison. Oh well. The golden spoon is still the best "legal" way perhaps. Just kidding. Reply to this

18 years ago, August 20th 2005 No: 8 Msg: #2525  
Buy a few houses and rent them out, use the rental money to travel ... I met an english guy in NZ who used his rental income from a house to fund most of his travels... Reply to this

18 years ago, September 15th 2005 No: 9 Msg: #2646  
A couple of friends managed to save more than $13,000US as teachers in Korea for a year...I hear Japan has comparable offers. Reply to this

17 years ago, December 19th 2005 No: 10 Msg: #3466  
B Posts: 1
send me $59.96 and I'll show you (through easy to understand example) how to travel the world without returning to the states to work ever again! Reply to this

17 years ago, February 26th 2006 No: 11 Msg: #4182  
Teaching online is a great way to do it. I'm finishing my PhD now - and currently teaching eight classes online. My husband is also in a doctorate program. We plan to become gypsy professors in another three years when our younger son graduates from high school and we ship him off to college or the military! Reply to this

17 years ago, February 27th 2006 No: 12 Msg: #4187  
Are you enlish? If you're english, you can easily find out a language teaching work in our country Vietnam, there 're many language center here. And your income will not under 500$/month, that you can stay here comfortably.
The Vietnam - www.waytovietnam.com/culture.asp Reply to this

17 years ago, March 13th 2006 No: 13 Msg: #4479  
if you are USA , and you income under 700$/month, you can visit here for more information ( http://www.footprintsvietnam.com ) Reply to this

17 years ago, April 8th 2006 No: 14 Msg: #4933  
Being a teacher enables me the flexibility of the school holidays to travel. We are travelling for a year, and so far have worked for 3 and half weeks in nearly 3 months with the rest of the time spent travelling. Admittedly we saved for a long time before we could do this. Have other trips booked in school holidays, and on weekends as Europe is so accessible from London or any other major city in Europe I guess.
Good luck feeding the bug. Reply to this

17 years ago, April 15th 2006 No: 15 Msg: #5097  
We've tried selling used items online through popular bookseller websites. It's working for now but would require being situation in one location for a little while in order to ship orders. Plus, some countries it would be harder/less reliable to ship from......

I like the online professor idea though! How do you get hooked into that?
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17 years ago, April 16th 2006 No: 16 Msg: #5122  
N Posts: 10
vietnaminfo, where can i find those kind of jobs? on the internet? Reply to this

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