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a picture of "me" not a picture of "I"

When describing photos, please don't write, "This is a picture of _____ and I" - it's, "... a picture of _____ and me" – ALWAYS.
12 years ago, June 18th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #15334  
When describing photos, please don't write, "This is a picture of John and I". If you were to take away John, you wouldn't say, "This is a picture of I".

The proper caption would be, "This is a picture of John and me". Again, try taking away John, you would then have a picture of "me", not "I" ... unless your companion is not named "John", then you may have to find someone named John, stand beside them, have a stranger take the photo, then upload the picture of "... me and John" or "... John and me".

Alternatively, you may have to name your partner, "John".

You may use the pronoun, "I" when it is the subject of a verb - mostly when it is followed by an action/ verb. The following caption would be correct: "John and I are riding a horse in this photo", or , "John and I really like this photo of us".

Check out: www.askoxford.com/asktheexperts/faq/aboutgrammar/meandi?view=uk for more information.

- Tom Reply to this

12 years ago, June 18th 2007 No: 2 Msg: #15338  
Why would you bother writing this post? You look like such a jerk! Reply to this

12 years ago, June 19th 2007 No: 3 Msg: #15367  
N Posts: 10
Sarah tom , Not sure why you wrote that. But for you the correct way for you is to say it "is here is a picture of john and a loser."
Reply to this

12 years ago, June 19th 2007 No: 4 Msg: #15431  
Calm down guys: keep it friendly! Reply to this

12 years ago, June 20th 2007 No: 5 Msg: #15434  

Tom, don't listen to Daniel, Lucy and Jaymmzzs. It's their loss that they don't (or maybe can't) use good grammar.

Besides, your post was good for a laugh because I just happen to have several friends (In High School!?) that have that exact same pet peeve!

Keep fightin' the good fight! 😊 Reply to this

12 years ago, June 23rd 2007 No: 6 Msg: #15580  
The "Good fight" is all very well, but do you have any actual Travel advice? I ask this since this is a TRAVEL Website. Most people use the site to share and compare travel experiences, not to have thier grammar corrected by arrogant snobs.

Clearly your travel experiences are pretty dull if all you have to talk about is an inane gripe about the use of "me" and "I". At your next point of call, try to relax and think about how travel can broaden the mind, and relieve you of these pent up frustrations relating to grammar. Really, really think about it; does is really matter how it's written?? Does it really, really matter enough to bore us with the issue!!

Also consider this - Isn't it kind of ironic to travel accross the world, to all kinds of exciting and beautiful countries, with the chief goal to perfect your Written ENGLISH. Missing the the true value of travelling me thinks!! Chill out, Relax, have a few drinks (hell - maybe even get laid) and free yourself of this grammar related angst before it destroys your promising life!! Reply to this

12 years ago, June 30th 2007 No: 7 Msg: #15841  
I know this is a homepage which is very much used by English speaking people, but since my primary language is not English, is it then okay for me to make grammatical mistakes? I hope so very much, since I rather wish to share my experiences around the world and in different cultures, than having to be cross-examined once again in English. (I am by the way very sorry for my comma-setting)
At the same time it might be rather reasonable for someone who has taught grammar in an Australian school to think about grammar and wanting to discuss it. To turn the forum debate in a different direction, then I am very keen on hearing about some Aussie-expressions (we learned Oxford-English in school). Do they really all say Mate and nice down under? And how is their grammar?
Well, goodnight! To all of you out there, hope you have some nice travelexperiences for I, me and myself to read.
Anna Reply to this

12 years ago, July 1st 2007 No: 8 Msg: #15877  
This posting was meant to inform, not to offend or be critical (I did try to add some humour to it). If you don't care about the proper use of "I" and "me", then please don't waste your time.

Thanks to Daniel and Lucy for showing their colours and making the whole thing a lot more interesting and to Zofka for her well-worded and sincere comments (good on ya, mate).

So, who knows how to use the hyphen - or is it a dash?

- Tom (Sarah wants no part of this 😊 Reply to this

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