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From east to west coast in 1 week

From DC to LA by car, 2 drivers, 1 week...
10 years ago, April 19th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #13072  
Hi guys! I need some help, I\\\'m a newbie in road trips, and my husband and I are planning to go from Washington DC to LA by car. We will stay in LA for 3 months and we need to go with our car primarily because we will need it for tranpostation there :-)
The thing is, we have only 1 week to do so, because he needs to start to work. Do you think it is possible and at the same time enjoyable? Also, suggestions about routes and must-see places are more than welcomed!

Also, one more question, we are planning to come back ASAP because we have after these 3 months a trip to South America, so we have the option of coming back by car in ?? days (how many days do you think is the fastest? ) or to ship the car from LA to DC... but I really don\\\'t know about this service, all that I know is that it\\\'s very expensive... hmmm...

any suggestions?


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10 years ago, April 24th 2007 No: 2 Msg: #13290  
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Hey, I just went from Champaign, Illinois (about halfway down the state near the Indiana Border) to LA, and I've also been to Champaign to DC. It can be done in a week easily if you don't mind driving long stretches of road at a time.

If I were you, I would take 64 to St. Louis where you'll hit 44, and then head on down to Oklahoma City where you'll hit 40... take that through Vegas where you'll hit 15 and then take that into LA. You can stop at the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Taos in New Mexico, St. Louis is really cool, Lake of the Ozarks, etc. etc.

OR get to St. Louis and take 70 all the way out to 15 in Utah. I've heard St. George, UT, is really awesome and that drive out there would put you through Colorado.

There's a bunch of other stops you can make and see, depending on what you like. I'd recommend going to the bookstore and browsing at the travel section to get a feel for the places you'll be. There are also a lot of numerous places on the internet that you can read that will tell you what is along each highway. Just do a google search and you should have some good options.

Either way, that's going to be an epic drive. I hope you enjoy it. If you REALLY push, and drive constantly with only a few breaks for sleep... I'd say you could make it in 3.5 days, 3 if you stop at rest stops instead of hotels to sleep. 😊 Reply to this

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