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Money Lost on Recent Travels

Due to the Covid 19 many trips have been cancelled. Have you gotten your money back?
20 months ago, April 2nd 2020 No: 1 Msg: #208230  
Tell us who treated you well and refunded your money. Tell us who is holding your money and how much time they are giving you to reschedule.

What is your trip cancellation story? Reply to this

20 months ago, April 2nd 2020 No: 2 Msg: #208234  
We are hunkered down in Laos and through our own choices are here for the (very) long haul. We are registered with the embassy and indeed in personal periodic contact with the vice consul. We also belong of various groups ( on Facebook and WhatsApp) the members of whom are in a similar position. Similar and yet in a number of cases markedly different: they are desperate to return to their home countries. And here I make no personal judgements: some have health/medicine issues, others are running out of funds and most are simply terrified of being stranded in one of Asia's poorest countries with an extremely basic health system. Should they have acted sooner? Who can say on individual cases. There are no direct flights out from Vientiane (the runway is too short for long haul flights) and hence flights must transit through a large hub, almost invariably Bangkok. The last scheduled flights from Vientiane were either delayed (causing individuals to miss connecting flights and lose both sets of money) or cancelled (with the same financial result). There are no more scheduled flights out and at there are at least 100 UK individuals (as I type, 2nd of March) badgering the government/MPs/media to provide/hassle for charters. Of course there are hundreds more from other countries. However, to date there have been all manner of linkage/cancellation problems with the few that have been arranged.... whilst flights have been leaving largely empty (apparently for reasons of spatial separation). Some have now missed multiple flights, flights that are hugely expensive (there's one leaving Vientiane, via Seoul, for the UK on the 4th that costs 1800 pounds) and now people are saying that their cards are maxed-out. In all cases no one is receiving a refund; the system is just unable to cope. The UK gov. is now offering interest-free loans (so I believe), but many are refusing to pay the ever increasing costs of these charter flights. The long/short of it is: if you are physically able and supposedly that desperate then you simply must pay and worry about financial side later.

Basically I do not think anyone is receiving refunds for cancelled flights regardless of where they are flying from. In the distant future, maybe.... although I have heard of some being offered only vouchers for future flights.

I worry most about those individuals who have chased flights and failed to fly who are now seriously, perilously, low on funds.... and stuck in Vientiane's still open (more upmarket and costly) hotels. Reply to this

20 months ago, April 2nd 2020 No: 3 Msg: #208236  
In response to: Msg #208234
Thank you for sharing this information. Please let us know if you hear more. I hope everyone who wants to go home gets there safely and soon. Reply to this

20 months ago, April 7th 2020 No: 4 Msg: #208271  
B Posts: 2,031
One couple who got stuck at a 5-star resort on their honeymoon. Sounds wonderful, until one thinks about the bill: https://www.boston.com/news/world-news/2020/04/06/couple-honeymoon-coronavirus Reply to this

20 months ago, April 7th 2020 No: 5 Msg: #208275  
In response to: Msg #208271

I read about that yesterday. They are racking up a big bill but have been healthy. Reply to this

19 months ago, April 12th 2020 No: 6 Msg: #208290  
Even in such situations I prefer to use online services for ordering air flight tickets. Reply to this

19 months ago, April 12th 2020 No: 7 Msg: #208291  
A lot of services cannot guarantee that your flight will not be cancelled, and we know why. Because it's all about the airline operators. But this service even it cannot make miracle with that, it can help with the cheapest prices for airline tickets, even for business class flights.
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Reply to this

17 months ago, June 10th 2020 No: 8 Msg: #208463  
I know this post is 8-9 weeks old, but just wanted to share that a cruise purchased by us through Orbitz (Carnival Cruise) was refunded after it got officially canceled for end of June. We also got credit for domestic flights as well, which the airline will let us use within a year. It took us a while and a few phone calls to figure everything out, but eventually we did.
All of this Covid stuff is a pain in the bum. SC is seeing a spike in cases this week, so definitely keeping a low profile for now. Reply to this

17 months ago, June 11th 2020 No: 9 Msg: #208466  
In response to: Msg #208463
So glad you got your money back and hopefully you will be able to fly before the year expires.
We are all itching to travel. Reply to this

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