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COVID - 19

8 months ago, March 14th 2020 No: 1 Msg: #208121  
How have you been impacted? Flights cancelled? Staying in place?
Tell us your stories? Reply to this

8 months ago, March 15th 2020 No: 2 Msg: #208123  
We are practicing social distancing...and praying that this will all be over before our September trip to Scotland. We are pleased that your trip wasn't impacted.
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8 months ago, March 15th 2020 No: 3 Msg: #208124  
We are currently in Turkey waiting to see if we will be able to fly back to the UK in 10 days, Turkey has now stopped flights to a number of European countries as well as countries surrounding it with the numbers of infected people growing in the UK we might be here on a much longer break than expected. Reply to this

8 months ago, March 15th 2020 No: 4 Msg: #208126  
In response to: Msg #208123
We are grateful to be home. Our timing was exceptionally good. I've email with crew that are still on the ship... the last voyage of the year and they are scrambling to figure out how to get people home. Currently, there are no direct flights from Argentina to the U.S.
What a mess. Reply to this

8 months ago, March 15th 2020 No: 5 Msg: #208127  
In response to: Msg #208124

Well, you could be stuck in worse places but when something like this happens you always want to be home and near medical care you are familiar with. Take care, be safe, enjoy the remaining time if you can.

Hopefully, you will get home soon. Reply to this

8 months ago, March 15th 2020 No: 6 Msg: #208128  
We are not self-isolated yet but are keeping to ourselves as much as possible. So far, Australia seems to be keeping the cross-infection rate low. The majority of cases are people who caught the virus overseas (several of them from the USA!) or who have had contact with one of those people. However, the situation changes daily so who know what will happen next 😞. Reply to this

8 months ago, March 15th 2020 No: 7 Msg: #208129  
In response to: Msg #208128

I know someone from Brazil tested positive and he was at Trump's estate in Florida. I think several people have now been infected. We will never know if he or his family test positive. Seattle has been hit pretty hard.

Lots of people in the U.S. are staying home now to help contain.
CDC Reply to this

8 months ago, March 16th 2020 No: 8 Msg: #208130  
Denise & I have decided to self isolate for 14 days starting today. Why?

Because we have attended gigs over the last two weekends and saw a number of clients during the week and realise we have taken the risk and may be infected.

It only takes contact with one infected person to put us at risk.

But as we believe we are well...it is up to us to play our part...not to potentially infect anyone or not to come into contact with anyone who could infect us.

Why? Because it only takes ONE...and we do not want to be that ONE. Reply to this

8 months ago, March 16th 2020 No: 9 Msg: #208132  
In response to: Msg #208130

Good decision. I don't like the way the media is playing this topic but the reality is it is still spreading. People are afraid. This virus is complex because it has a two week incubation period. Many have only three day so as you've pointed out you may have been infected and won't know for some time. That is why they are asking everyone to be smart.

FYI: Many people have gotten the virus and gotten well. Wash your hands. Stay home when you can.

Thank you for caring for others and spending tie at home. I'm sure you'll be able to plan a couple of trips and write a few blogs in that time period. Let's talk soon. Reply to this

8 months ago, March 17th 2020 No: 10 Msg: #208137  
B Posts: 2,001
Eastern Mass has been hit pretty hard, with cases currently doubling every 5 days. My company ordered everyone to isolate except for essential errands. We support hospital online appointment systems, so I'm not surprised.

I'm still planning the trip I intended for mid-August, but making sure as much as possible is fully refundable. I may end up taking out cancellation insurance for the rest. Stay safe out there. Reply to this

8 months ago, March 17th 2020 No: 11 Msg: #208144  
In response to: Msg #208121
We're self isolating for the next 3 months or more as I have cancer and need to take special care not to contract coronavirus. Even though it's not such a huge change from normal routine, as I can work from home, it feels very unsettling especially as the advice changes daily in the UK, and probably everywhere else too. But we're lucky - we have plenty of food in the freezer, so far have been able to order food online and have a neighbour who's offered help if needed. And we were able to cancel the trip we had planned to Madrid at no cost, just before Spain went into lockdown! So for now, time to plan future trips and do some decorating. Reply to this

8 months ago, March 17th 2020 No: 12 Msg: #208145  
So it's official, we are stuck in Turkey, for us it's not a huge problem as Turkey currently has 19 cases of the virus so very low risk and as I have a place here we have beds to sleep in, looks as though there will be a lot of walks along the beach Reply to this

8 months ago, March 17th 2020 No: 13 Msg: #208146  
In response to: Msg #208137

I'm not sure your mid-August trip will happened based on some reports I heard yesterday. People are responding to the updated news and recommendations each day. We are living in a changing environment. Reply to this

8 months ago, March 17th 2020 No: 14 Msg: #208147  
In response to: Msg #208144

Sounds like you have a solid plan and a good attitude. We must comply to get all of this behind us.
Stay safe and healthy. Reply to this

8 months ago, March 17th 2020 No: 15 Msg: #208148  
In response to: Msg #208145
Enjoy your walks. I'm in Florida and getting ready to go take one now.
I'm glad you have a place to stay. Enjoy the time and you should have time to read lots of blogs.
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8 months ago, March 17th 2020 No: 16 Msg: #208149  
I live in a condo in Florida and we have several snowbird Canadians. They are being asked to come home within the next week and isolate. If they don't come back in a week they may not be able to return for an undetermined amount of time. Since their health insurance requires them to spend a certain number of days in the country most are returning now.
The future of this virus is very uncertain.

Be safe everyone. Reply to this

8 months ago, March 20th 2020 No: 17 Msg: #208157  
Quick update from Turkey, we have been put on a flight for tomorrow evening, the last one to go to the UK, whether it takes off remains to be seen and what happens on arrival is unknown, kindle charged and snacks at the ready it could be a long day Reply to this

8 months ago, March 21st 2020 No: 18 Msg: #208165  
N Posts: 2
social distancing haha Reply to this

8 months ago, March 21st 2020 No: 19 Msg: #208166  

8 months ago, March 22nd 2020 No: 20 Msg: #208167  
As we all are now fully aware (well, apart from some crazy selfish among the young) these really are unprecedented times. We have been self-isolating in the tiny village of Tad Lo in Laos for eight days now. There are maybe three other tourists still present, three ex-pats with families and less than 1000 locals. We have the absolute minimum contact with anyone possible. We are the only clients at our guesthouse (local tourist-associated businesses are already struggling with the absent income) and our hosts are wonderful: we can stay as long as and we simply eat the same meals as they (on our own). Nevertheless, the Laos government denial (still no recognition of any cases) and the populaces total lack of any preventative/limiting measures (the locals here apparently suspect it is everywhere but are totally uninformed and are taking absolutely no precautions - i've yet to see a face mask, for what good they do) are great concerns. The only overland border still open is that with Thailand, although as of today entry requires a covid-negative certificate (not that this is an accurate test: just temperature and maybe a throat swab) - the UK FCO bulletins failed to notify us of this imminent development. Most of those in the know ran to Thailand yesterday (avoiding any testing). So... What to do? Ali is increasingly becoming uncertain as to the best course of action. We should stay where we are but what will really happen on the ground when the situation becomes very serious here? At least there are many more British in Thailand if rescue evacuations are necessary in the months ahead. Plus we do have ex-pat friends in Thailand we can isolate with (they have a separate wing to their house). But, then there is all the travel involved in getting there, not to mention the, no doubt, congested medical facility to obtain that dodgy certificate and the border crossing itself... And then super busy Bangkok to negotiate. Ali is increasingly pushing for simply returning to the UK: even more exposure, potential transmission and negative impacts on control. Sadly, human nature being what it is, sooner or later her fears may well push us into doing the least socially responsible option. It is a mess. Reply to this

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