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Portugal in 14 days during October
33 months ago, August 18th 2019 No: 1 Msg: #207403  
4 oldies planning to travel to Portugal in October. We will fly in to Madrid and out from Madrid
Should we hire a car? Go by train / bus to Portugal?
We are interested in a bit of culture, love sea food, love wine, a bit of hiking - 3-4 hour walk, a bit of bike riding
We will have about 14 days all up in Portugal
All suggestions are welcome Reply to this

31 months ago, October 19th 2019 No: 2 Msg: #207636  
Hi, I t may be easier to get a flight from Madrid to Lisbon and then hire a car there, depending on where you want to stay. But a drive from Madrid would be wonderful, you will get to see so many villages and towns that you would not normally see. We would recommend staying a couple of nights in different areas of your trip, eg drive 100 kms then stay a night or 2 then drive again. If you want to visit the big Cities, Lisbon or Porto then at least 2 nights in each. We have driven from France to Portugal many times and each time took different routes. Enjoy your trip Reply to this

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