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What can we post ?

On What topics can we post blogs
24 months ago, July 29th 2019 No: 1 Msg: #207299  
Hello community,
i am newbie here. can someone please tell me that what other topics i can post blogs on travelblog like photography or any other

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24 months ago, August 4th 2019 No: 2 Msg: #207344  
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Welcome to Travelblog! We are a travel site so blogs should be based on your own travels. We encourage posting photos from your travels on your blogs, which will increase your page views. Other topics related to travel, like reviews and top-10 lists, are allowed but must be done carefully or you will be flagged as Commercial. Finally, we get many spammers posting content that is not travel related, so we have a strict policy prohibiting it. Please do not post non-travel blogs or your account will be suspected.
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