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Travel Mumbai for the Coolest Night Life Experience

If you are looking for an amazing nightlife experience in India, fly to Mumbai. Book cheap flights to India from Canada or elsewhere now!
11 weeks ago, May 30th 2019 No: 1 Msg: #207078  
Ironical enough, the Indian city of dreams is also the city that never sleeps. Mumbai is a place that is always up and going about its business. To experience nightlife in India, it is the best place to be. The city of Mumbai gears up for a party under the night sky, when most of us are getting ready to hit the sheets. Whether you are a wild party animal or just looking to get a drink or two to get the edge off, the city provides ample choices for party-goers of all shapes and sizes. So, make your pick and book cheap flights to India from Canada and other locations, worldwide.

The city is also filled with late-night eating joints, and prepossessing sights that are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger, leave you asking for more. Check-out some of the best nightlife experiences in Mumbai, listed below:Marine Drive
Juhu Chowpatty
Bademiya in Colaba
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