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Summer School in Tajikistan

International Summer School in Tajikistan
9 months ago, July 10th 2018 No: 1 Msg: #205200  
S Posts: 2
Multicultural Tajikistan: learn, explore, share
Venue: Safeddara, Varzob.
What are the goals of the Summer school?
Along with the seminars on Tajikistan’s history, language, ethnography, culture, the participants will be given the opportunity to experience the realities of Tajikistan, in which they can explore traditions, different custom and traditions of different ethnic groups. In general, we can identify 3 goals of the course:
-to polish English language
-to obtain new friends
-to improve personal skills like as: communication, leadership and team working.
When it will start?
Course A: 20/07/18-1/08/18
Course B: 4/08/18 -17/08/18
Course C: 18/08/18- 30/08/18

You will find more detailed information about our Summer camp bellow.

Contact us

E-mail: rroxxet@gmail.com
Phone: +992926200113
www.safeddara.tj Reply to this

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